Whenever our employees are in the field, they are there to provide a valuable service to you. However, sometimes unscrupulous people attempt to pose as GPL Inc. employees in an attempt to gain access to your property or information. Here are some things to remember that will keep you safe when dealing with GPL Inc. employees.

  • GPL Inc. employees will never enter a residence unless an appointment has been previously scheduled. A technician may also knock on the door to alert customers of their presence in making repairs or installing equipment, but do not need to enter the home.
  • Our field employees are not authorized to collect payments or inspect wiring inside your home(occasionally employees will inspect outside wiring) and anyone who claims to be our employee and asks for money or access in the field is attempting fraud.
  • Our employees carry GPL Inc. identification that includes their photograph. You should match the photo to the person. You can call us to verify if a person is our employee.

    Disconnection/ Reconnection
    226-2600 – ext. 1516/1517/1518

    226-2600 – ext. 1520

    Meter reading
    2262600 – ext. 1519

    Loss Reduction

    Meter Installation Unit

  • If you ask for an identification badge and one is not produced, do not admit the individual. Call GPL Inc. Corporate Security at 226-4015 and report the incident.
  • Employees also wear uniforms bearing the GPL Inc. logo. However, simply having a uniform is NOT proof that the person is an GPL Inc. employee. If you have any doubts about someone claiming to be a GPL Inc. employee, call us with the representative’s name.

GPL Inc. field employees are not authorized to receive payment. Only commercial office employees handling bill payments or employees at Authorized Payment Locations are authorized to accept money from customers.