Transmission and Distribution Development and Maintenance Engineer

Closing Date February 18, 2022 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

The Guyana Power and Light Inc. presents an exciting opportunity for suitably qualified candidates to apply for the position of Transmission and Distribution Development and Maintenance Engineer in our Transmission and Distribution Department.

Under the direction of the Zone Manager, the Transmission and Distribution Development and Maintenance Engineer will be responsible for, inter alia, the Technical, Maintenance and Management functions associated with ensuring all Transmission and Distribution Lines within area of responsibility are operating as per standard requirements – National Grid Code and other GPL Standards.


  1.  Assess current health, quality and adequacy of Networks/Feeders to satisfy the current and future demand and reliability and develop a strategic plan to upgrade the Networks/Feeders to achieve the Company’s SAIDI, SAIFI, CAIFI and CAIDI targets.
  2. Provide details regarding the required tools, equipment, training, and implementation plan to achieve the objectives set out in Item No.1 above.
  3. Coordinate all activities to build capacity to undertake live/hotline maintenance at the 69 kV and 13.8 kV levels.
  4. Collaborate with the Engineering Standards and Design Department in assessing technical specifications being used for T&D tools and equipment and recommend updates to meet the reliability and other GPL-specific requirements.
  5. Assist in overseeing response to emergency outages and ensure that Networks/Feeders assets are repaired and/or replaced expeditiously and within standard workmanship practices in aid of GPL achieving its Operating Standard & Performance Targets.
  1. Collaborate with the Engineering Standards and Design Department in Planning, scheduling, organising, reporting on status, and oversee the implementation of electrical transmission and distribution system projects including, budget estimates, detailed estimates, complete designs, obtaining approvals, liaising with other utilities, ministries, contractors, regulatory agencies, customers and internal departments to provide project information in a timely manner.
  2. Utilize standardised systems for accurate records of assets/equipment using digital application (GIS) as part of the asset management plan and prepare reports on topics affecting the overall distribution system to ensure accurate records.
  3. Carry out measurements/utilized already recorded data to ensure power quality supplied to all customers are within GPL’s standard.
  4. Assist with the design of all capital projects including customer, controllable and non-controllable capital projects.
  5. Assist in the review of applications for generation connections and third-party attachments to the distribution system and with updating records.
  6. Collaborate with the Engineering Standards and Design Department in recommending new material, technologies, and work practices to confirm if they can be utilized to enhance the distribution system, as well as recommend & assist with drafting new distribution standards and procedures, and any modifications to existing standards.
  7. Coordinates the investigation of equipment failures both with internal departments and manufacturers as necessary to rectify the problems and further enhance product quality.
  8. Consults with staff in other departments and liaises with representatives of outside organizations to share information and resolve technical problems.
  9. Analyse, develop, review, check, and update standard drawings (current or new) in order to complete the standards manual in preparation for audits.
  10. Identify opportunities to streamline or automate processes to continuously improve service delivery.
  11. Creates comprehensive written reports, plans and presentations for Senior Management consideration. Provide recommendations and sensitivity analysis of options and alternative solutions.
  12. Conducts the process review and continual improvement of the new customer connection processes to align with industry best practices
  13. Develop and advise on technical and cost options for materials, equipment, and services.
  14. Assist in ensuring that all Transmission and Distribution activities are in conformity with ISO Standards and with the Company’s documented procedures.
  15. Evaluate operational risks associated with the work of the Transmission and Distribution Division and develop appropriate responses to mitigate such risks.
  16. Monitor and promote safe work practices and proper use of safety gear and equipment.
  17. Assist in the investigation and reporting of all industrial accident, safety, and health violations.
  18. Perform any other related duties that may be assigned to you by an Authorized Officer.



  • Reports – (Monthly, Network Statistics, Quarterly, Yearly, Fire, Accidents, Disciplinary and Trip Reports)
  • Data Analyses – (Not limited to Call Centre, Root Cause, Feeder Thermal Loading and Load Balancing Analyses, Power Quality Objectives, Reliability and Strategies towards improving network/feeder configuration)
  • Budget Recommendations – (Yearly)
  • Recommendations to Zone Manager on Strategic actions and initiatives to improve power delivery capability and quality of service.

Required Qualifications and Experience

Bachelor of Science/Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering/Project Management or its equivalent from an accredited institution with at least five (5) years’ experience in managing Transmission and Distribution Systems.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted to the Divisional Director – Human Resources, 257/259 Middle Street, Georgetown or email: not later than Friday, February 18, 2022.