Assistant Safety Officer

Closing Date July 8, 2019 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

G.P.L Inc. invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill the impending vacancy of Assistant Safety Officer – within the Safety, Health and Environmental Unit, Middle Street Georgetown.

 Under the general direction of Safety, Health and Environmental Officer, the incumbent will be responsible for assisting with all aspect of Safety, Health and Environmental issues within the company as   well as to co-ordinate all safety and health activities.


  1. Advise the SHEO on the Companies compliance with the OS&H Act, Factories Act, Environmental Protection Act, NIS and Social Security Act, Public Health Act, Fire Prevention Act and any other relevant legislations and regulations.
  2. Promote proactive Safety and Health Management in novel, creative attractive ways so that all employees improve their attitudes to Health and Safety matters increase their awareness of all relevant hazard in their work place and beyond and become committed to safe working behavior.
  3. Execute induction sessions for new employees, advise and assist in the training of persons currently employed.
  4. Maintain all statutory and other accident records. Notify the Competent Authority (MOSP) of all reportable accident and dangerous occurrence as required by the Act.
  5. Perform detailed analysis of all accidents, and base on findings, assist the relevant Departmental Managers in developing appropriate accident prevention strategies.
  6. Promote Occupational Safety and Health and Fire Safety.
  7. Conduct frequent inspections of workplace and worksites.
  8. Prepare and Submit monthly reports on all activities carried out during the preceding month.
  9. Be familiar with the geography of each location and presence of all fixed and or portable fire fighting appliances, fire alarms etc for records purpose.
  10. Obtain and Maintain records of all firefighting equipment at locations
  11. Recommend the presence of approved personal protective equipment and clothing are available in the Company stores.
  12. Educate Managers and other employees of the requirements (both protection and statutory) for them to use the equipment.
  13. Recommend any new Safety and Health rules or changes in existing ones.
  14. Consider all recommendations made by the Safety and Health Committees. Discuss and agree on implementation with the relevant Departmental Managers.  Ensure that the Committee receives a written response, as per requirement by the OSH Act, from the manager concerned.
  15. Ensure that M.S.D.S. are received for each chemical and that staff and workers are aware of the hazard(s) and appropriate control measures.
  16. Monitor and review all accidents and report near misses. Advise the Safety, Health and Environmental Officer on preventative measures to be implemented.
  17. Participate in the Meetings and Activities of the Joint Occupational Safety and Safety and Health Committee(s).
  18. Conduct detailed analysis of all accidents, and base on findings, assist the relevant Departmental Managers in developing appropriate accident prevention strategies.
  19. Advise Managers on the necessity of hosting fire drills.
  20. Ensure that appropriate warning notice and safety posters are displayed and that they comply with all relevant legislation and accepted safety and health standards.

Required Qualifications and Experience

Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health from the University of Guyana and five (5) subjects CSEC including of English Language and Mathematics (Grade 1-3) plus IDCE Certificate in Workplace Safety & Health with at least five (5) years relevant experience


How to Apply

Applications should be submitted to the Deputy Human Resources Manager, Guyana Power & Light Inc. 257/259 Middle Street, Georgetown not later than July 08, 2019.