Assistant Database Administrator – Information Technology Division

Closing Date December 24, 2021 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

The Assistant Database Administrator (ADBA), Infrastructure Department, will assist with the planning, management and improvement of all database systems pertinent to the Company’s needs, to deliver swift, secure, reliable and resilient business services to the IT Division’s customers, i.e. GPL staff and other defined users. The ADBA must have the ability to work independently, with guidance but with minimum supervision.


The Guyana Power & Light Inc. (GPL) corporate WAN and an isolated SCADA network serve 27+ locations spread across 250km of the coast of Guyana in Regions 2-6. The WAN provides essential IP communications and computing infrastructure to 400+ staff for data and documents, access to local and cloud services, VOIP, VPN/ remote work, WiFi, Internet access, online meetings, collaboration and 3-2-1 backup, etc.. Systems accessed by users via the WAN include ones for email and collaboration (MS365), Customer Information (CIS), Financial information (EBS), Pre-Paid billing (JUICE), field data (FDCI), geospatial information (GIS) and Business Intelligence (BIS). Database systems supported include Oracle, MS SQLServer, MySQL and PostgreSQL, on-premises or cloud-based.

The IT Division greatly values innovation and communication. Collaboration tools include Teams, Slack and Trello, and thoughtful improvement in company operations using proprietary as well as open-source solutions is encouraged. The Division pursues ITIL best practices for IT Service Management, and efficient and financially responsible use of IT resources, and CIS Controls for cybersecurity.


  1. Documentation pertinent to GPL Database Systems sufficient for asset management, configuration, licence management and renewal, budgeting, and lifecycle planning.
  2. Proactive communication with the Database Administrator (DBA), other IT Division colleagues, and close coordination with Network Administrator and System Administrator positions and the E-Business & GIS Department.
  3. Prompt advice to the DBA and other colleagues regarding prior warnings, current advisories, and situation updates to be sent to the user base when warranted by changes in the status or performance of database systems.
  4. Accountable for proactive reports compiled on metrics for database uptime and performance, patching, updates, asset-management completeness, 3-2-1 backup completeness, and adoption of ITIL(Information Technology Infrastructure Library), ITSM(Information technology service management) and CIS (Center for Internet Security) Controls, based on statistics from routine monitoring and maintenance, along with actions taken, that indicate management/ improvement of database systems.
  5. Root-cause reports regarding performance issues, user faults, malware, etc.
  6. Weekly or daily standups with the DBA.


  1. Assist with the Development of data-driven plans, and communicate those plans, for database systems and related services including cloud computing/ storage, apps and API’s to achieve outcomes identified in Divisional and Company Strategic Plans.
  2. Maintain the availability of database systems and related services.
  3. Assist with the Review of outcomes of internal or contracted maintenance
  4. Implement and proactively report on outcomes of planned actions
  5. Ensure that documentation pertinent to the company’s database systems, apps, APIs and any related services is prepared and kept up-to-date, and related timely working guidance is routinely provided to appropriate Divisional staff.
  6. Ensure that systems of securing the databases and apps are implemented and used.
  7. Accountable that the system of least-privilege database/ application access management for staff and contractors, with prompt access-removal and reporting following movement of staff, resignation of staff, conclusion of contract, etc is enforced.
  8. Monitor and report on usage of systems and resource usage of systems.
  9. Accountable for a high level of customer service to GPL and other defined users, aided by thorough asset management.
  10. Use a system of promptly communicating with customers, via fall-back/ redundant channels, to provide prior warnings, current advisories and situation update when warranted by changes in the status or performance of the computing infrastructure.
  11. Assist with the implementation of ITIL best practices for IT Service Management, and CIS Controls for cybersecurity.
  12. Research and recommend innovative, cost-effective, and where possible automated approaches for managing and securing GPL’s databases and delivering services.
  13. Undertake and support change management initiatives to effect a view of staff/ other departments as customers, with departmental work viewed as customer service
  14. Perform any other related duties that may be assigned by the DBA, Head of Department or divisional executive.


Required Qualifications and Experience


  1. University Diploma in Computer Science or a related discipline with a minimum of two (2) years experience in Database Administration, OR
  2. Professional certification in database administration, e.g. Oracle or MS SQLServer with a minimum of four (4) years experience in Database Administration.

Certification/ demonstrable portfolio of experience in related computer science areas e.g. Linux Administration, Cloud or Cybersecurity, would be an asset.


How to Apply

Applications should be submitted via our Vacancy Centre not later than December 24, 2021.