Press Release

Citizens laud GPL for reliable electricity

18th January 2020

Citizens laud GPL for reliable electricity

The Guyana Power and Light Incorporated (GPL) has successfully maintained a stable supply of electricity with minimal service interruptions and this effort is being lauded by citizens across Guyana. Commercial and residential customers have related significant benefits they have accrued due to the reliable electricity supplied by GPL.

Mr. Wang

Business owner Mr. Wang, who has been operating his business on Regent Street for over six years, said the supply of electricity has improved over the years, particularly last year. He said with this improvement, “I am able to get good revenue. When there is blackout people don’t come into the store. So last year when the lights were on we had people in the store all the time and didn’t lose out on any income.”

Ms. Maywatie Rooplall

Ms. Maywatie Rooplall from East Coast Demerara excitedly shared her relief for the reliable electricity. Ms. Rooplall, who is studying at the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE), said she can now better study and do her homework at nights with the lights regularly on.

She said “during the holiday season, I was charging my phones and laptops in preparation for the blackouts. But I was surprised that the lights didn’t come off, my mom was also surprised and excited. I am happy that I was able to do my school work without any interruptions then and even now.”


Mr. Mohan Khemraj

Ms. Rooplall’s colleague, Mr. Mohan Khemraj who hails from Essequibo, echoed similar sentiments. He said over in his region, power outages are a thing of the past. “Previously we used to have a lot of blackouts and businesses used to lose their produce, but now there are improvements and more businesses and persons who used generators are now interested in what’s going on GPL’s grid,” Mohan Khemraj explained.

Mr. Keith Pindar

Meanwhile, Mr. Keith Pindar, an elderly resident of Durban Street, is ecstatic that during power interruptions, electricity is restored swiftly. He noted that “previously when the lights came off we waited hours for them to come on back, so I am happy that no longer happens.”


Ms. Donna Prescott

Ms. Donna Prescott feels equally satisfied with electricity returning sooner than usual. She also highlighted that her community, South Ruimveldt does not experience many power outages anymore. Ms. Prescott said “when we had blackouts before, it took forever for lights to return, now that is reduced. Plus, during blackouts, we didn’t have running water and that affected our daily chores. But that has changed and I am happy for that.”

GPL has been working assiduously to improve the quality of electricity supplied to its customers and has since reduced the number of countrywide shutdowns. During 2019 there were five shutdowns, a significant reduction from the 25 in 2017.