Save-Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

  • Select air conditioners based on the size of the area to be cooled and schedule of operation of the area(s).
  • When purchasing new air conditioning units, request the more efficient model or those with high energy efficiency ratio (EER) i.e. 10 or higher.
  • Do not set air conditioner thermostats to the lowest setting e.g. 16oC but to moderate levels like 20oC to allow efficient operation.
  • Occupancy sensors can be used to control AC units in areas where they may be inadvertently left on.
  • Central air conditioners are typically more efficient than comparable split units, but they tend to be “operated” inefficiently by being poorly maintained or used to cool unnecessary areas.
  • Keep your filters clean and maintain air conditioning units in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Ensure air conditioned areas are properly enclosed to minimize hot air infiltration via doors and windows, or heat gain via poorly insulated roofs and walls.
  • Add or repair insulation to ducting, roofing, and other building envelope components to reduce cooling requirements.