System Control and Operations Manager

Closing Date November 27, 2020 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

Guyana Power and Light Inc. invites suitably qualified candidates for the position of System Control and Operations Manager.

Under the direction of the Divisional Director – Power Generation and Delivery, the incumbent will be responsible for delivering a reliable supply of electricity to customers while minimizing the cost of production and delivery, ensuring that all technical and operating parameters are respected and safeguarding the safety of personnel working on the system.


  1. Work closely with the Power Generation and Delivery Divisional Director by collecting and analyzing all reports from T&D, Generations, Specialized Equipment & Substation (SE&S) department, PPDI, Call Center and other departments.
  2. Manage the SCADA/EMS and Operations Sections and conduct critical analysis of sections’ reports to recommend/implement changes to best suit the company’s overall accomplishment/development for both short and long term planning.
  3. Review operations at various generating plants and implement strategies to reduce operation costs and improve reliability and availability.
  4. Ensure a high degree of data availability and quality presentation of SCADA data, secure and resilient computing facilities, control application programs, and local area networks to satisfy business requirements.
  5. Oversee the overall operations, maintenance, and enhancement of the SCADA system; its applications and databases to ensure that accurate and timely operational data is provided to the grid operator, real time engineers, and system control staff.
  6. Facilitate system design, development, testing, implementation, and support for the SCADA system; its applications and databases, and liaise with the Departments within the Engineering Services Division.
  7. Review systems and methodologies for collecting and evaluating vital system data and recommend / implement changes, as necessary.
  8. Oversee operational planning, including short term load forecasting, resource commitment and economic dispatch, outage planning, maintenance of operating reserves and contingency planning to ensure the system remains in a secure condition at all times.
  9. Assist in the preparation of contingency plans for the events of partial or total loss of Master or Substation SCADA.
  10. Manage third party contracts such as the SCADA integrator support from VENDORS and hardware maintenance (servers, consoles, switches, etc.) with local manufactures representative. Control and monitor cyber security of all SCADA and substation monitoring systems.
  11. Oversee telecommunication and electronic systems to understand the requirements for upgrades, improvements, new systems, and preventive maintenance and act promptly to resolve issues if any.
  12. Coordinate the design, installation, maintenance, and upgrade of GPL’s fiber optic system and its supporting facilities.
  13. Plan, devise, build, configure and commission telecommunications equipment, networks, and systems, including voice, data, satellite, microwave, digital data systems, etc.
  14. Research telecommunication systems to determine the best communication medium based on industrial best practices for remote distribution automated devices. Also, prepare technical requirements and contract documents for telecommunication service providers once GPL decides to use external services.
  15. Ensure safety training and meetings are conducted periodically.
  16. Track SAIFI and SAIDI values and implement suitable measures to maintain or improve figures.
  17. Ensure that voltages on generators, the transmission network, and distribution feeders are maintained within prescribed limits.
  18. Apply least cost commitment and dispatch of available generating resources, to satisfy GPL’s generator reliability target.
  19. Ensure the system and all facilities and equipment are operated within prescribed load limits at all times.
  20. Ensure that system operators have access to visual displays, written SOPs, data communications, voice communications and training in their use, so as to execute their responsibilities effectively and safely.
  21. Prepare emergency response procedures and ensure that system operators are conversant with the procedures and capable of providing effective responses in emergencies.
  22. Orient, mentor, appraise and coach staff to enhance the development of the requisite job skills.
  23. Administer the performance management system within the department to evaluate performance and enhance the development of each employee. Conduct continuous assessment and monitoring of staff work performance and take steps to correct poor work performance.
  24. Analyze system failures and major disturbances using historical data.
  25. Recommend relevant studies as the system develops to ensure stable and safe operation.
  26. Investigate occupational health and safety infractions and make recommendations or apply suitable measures to prevent recurrences.
  27. Advises the System Planning Department of system trends such as load growth, inadequate cable capacity, voltage regulation issues, inadequate reserve capacity and overload situations so as to facilitate timely planning or other appropriate interventions.
  28. Ensures that all necessary SCADA system as-built information, maintenance and operating drawings and manuals are adequate in content, have are clear and fully translated into English Language if necessary and readily available.
  29. Identifies operational risks and take steps to mitigate them.
  30. Determine the specification for the require spares, equipment and supplies to maintain the delivery and control system and to participate in the evaluation of the bids to determine the best suppliers.
  31. Performs any other duties as directed by the Power Generation and Delivery Divisional Director.

Required Qualifications and Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with specialization in electric power engineering with at least five years of experience in a large power utility. Experience must include the use of utility simulation and modelling tools.


Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, Project Management, Renewables or related discipline with at least three years’ experience in a large power utility. Experience must include the designing of utility scale projects such as diesel generators, renewables and hybrid system.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted to the Divisional Director – Human Resources, 257/259 Middle Street, Georgetown or email: no later than November 27, 2020.