Substation And Specialized Equipment Maintenance Manager

Closing Date September 25, 2022 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

The Guyana Power and Light Inc. invites applications from interested candidates with the requisite qualifications and experience to fill the vacancy of Substation And Specialized Equipment Maintenance Manager.

JOB PURPOSE: (a) Ensure maintenance and repairs are done to all equipment used for the generation of electric power and its delivery to the customers through the transmission, substation and distribution network.

(b) Ensure that all HV and MV equipment at generating stations and sub-stations are protected against damage caused by faults and that the grid is safeguarded against the effects of faults and disturbances.

(c) Ensure that all waste and emissions from substation maintenance or testing is properly managed in keeping with environmental protection requirements.




  1. Annual departmental budget.
  2. Monthly departmental reports
  3. Departmental business plan or action plan.
  4. Evaluations of the physical or operational states of HV and MV assets.
  5. Risk analyses and recommendations of responses in relation to the condition or performance of protective, generation or major power delivery equipment.
  6. Detailed reports on failures of major system components inclusive of root cause analysis.
  7. Recommendations for upgrade/replacement of HV or MV equipment or protection systems and equipment based on technological advances, environmental impact, age or known deficiencies.
  8. Written recommendations, supported by failure cause analysis data, for improvements in operations, maintenance and procurement.
  9. Staff Performance Plan and Annual Staff Appraisal
  10. Staff Learning and Development Plan for Human Resource Capacity Building.




  1. Lead a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in power system protection, instrumentation, electrical and substation maintenance, system chemical analysis, power system analysis and Specialized MV equipment.
  2. Oversee the periodic inspection of sub-station infrastructure and equipment as well as protection and instrumentation equipment to identify and mitigate risks.
  3. Ensure that accurate and detailed maintenance records and records of significant malfunctions, failures and replacements of major assets are maintained.
  4. Ensure that maintenance plans are developed and implemented for all protection, instrumentation, switchgear, substation electrical and MV components, chemical analysis, voltage regulation and compensation and specialized equipment at GPL’s facilities, taking inspection results, failure analyses, environmental impact and risk analyses into consideration.
  5. Oversee the continuous evaluation of system protection and controls and associated communication media to ensure their adequacy and coordination with other devices.
  6. Ensure that there is adequate implementation of transmission, distribution and generation protection relay settings, guided by protection system short circuit and other parameter simulations.
  7. Oversee root cause analysis of all failures or significant malfunctions of major system components and prepare reports detailing measures that will prevent a recurrence.
  8. Develop and communicate written recommendations to management detailing reliability risks and improvement opportunities based on root cause. Include preliminary cost/benefit estimates for remediation of risk.
  9. Utilize analysis results to recommend improvements or upgrades to equipment to support improved performance.
  10. Administer efficiently; the analysis daily and planned activities, resources of the Department, within the framework of the Safety and Health Regulations of Guyana Power & Light Inc.
  11. Prepare and/or approve acquisition of resources to continuously support the efficient and effective administrative and technical operations of the Department.
  12. Orient, mentor, and coach direct reports and other department staff to aid in their development of special knowledge and job skill sets, within the framework of the Divisional Business Plan.
  13. Constantly assess the effectiveness of actions taken to improve reliability performance and use this in planning to improve on efficiency.
  14. Ensure that all substation waste and emissions are adequately managed and compliance with relevant environmental requirements is maintained.
  15. Share reliability risk information across relevant sections of the department and promote continuous learning and improvement regarding reliability and risk.
  16. Keep abreast of the state of the art within the major functional disciplines and in the area of maintenance management.
  17. Ensure that recommendations for repair or replacement of substation and specialized equipment are informed by the use of life expectancy assessments from chemical and operational analysis, and that they are done in keeping with environmental impact provisions.
  18. Identify and mitigate operational risks.
  19. Performs any other duties as directed by the Power Generation and Delivery Divisional Director.


Required Competencies


Core/ LeadershipSkill Level & ImportanceDescription/Behaviours
Adaptability & Managing Change


3HØ  Help others adapt to changing work environment and to embrace change.

Ø  Promotes the benefits of a proposed change.

Ø  Takes time to question; understand and speak to the underlying needs of stakeholders beyond those initially expressed (does not make assumptions).

Ø  Recommends changes to work processes or systems to improve business results.

Ø  Develops plans and prioritizes resources to effectively implement change.

Ø  Remains focused on the desired outcome to help self and others implement change.

Applying Learning


3HØ  Recognizes how prior knowledge and skills apply to complex or new circumstances.

Ø  Develops innovative ways of applying technical and professional knowledge to handle new challenges.

Ø  Demonstrates commitment to continuous learning and growth to develop knowledge and expertise.

Ø  Actively participates in learning activities in a way that makes the most of the learning experiences.



3HØ  Tailors the content of speech and written communication to suit the level, cultural background and experience of the audience.

Ø  Establish communication plans and strategies.

Ø  Anticipates and prepares for others’ reactions, adapting tactics to create a specific impact.

Ø  Communicates complex issues clearly and credibly with widely varied audiences.

Creative & Innovation


3HØ   Looks ahead and is able to spot opportunities/obstacles, and to develop new approaches, products and services to meet organizational goals.

Ø  Encourages others to challenge traditional approaches.

Ø  Asks thought provoking questions to spark others’ creativity.

Ø  Supports and works with others to produce innovative solutions.

Ø  Recognizes and rewards creative thinking and innovation.

Required Qualifications and Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Electric Power Engineering or Reliability Engineering with at least eight years of experience in a large power utility. Experience must include the use of utility simulation and modelling tools.


(2) Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, Project Management, Reliability Engineering, Renewables or related discipline with at least three years’ experience in a large power utility. Experience must include the maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted to reach the Divisional Director – Human Resources, Guyana Power and Light Inc., 257/259 Middle Street, Georgetown or email not later than Sunday, September 25, 2022.