Senior Fuel Supervisor

Closing Date June 10, 2020 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

G.P.L Inc. invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill the vacancy of Senior Fuel Supervisor within the Procurement Department, Main Street.

Under the general supervision of the Procurement Manager, the incumbent will be responsible for the activities and arrangements for local procurement of Light Fuel Oil (LFO) and lubricants, as well as Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) from overseas supplier(s) on behalf of the Company.


1. Prepare monthly fuel requirement forecast in accordance with the quantities stipulated in the established fuel contract. This forecast is submitted one (1) month in advance to the Contracted Fuel Supplier.
2. Ensure that supplier(s) send Proforma Invoice ahead of each shipment showing the quantity of fuel to be received.
3. Prepare Customs Clearance though the Guyana Revenue Authority for each shipment using the Proforma Invoice received.
4. Respond to request from supplier and provide information for nomination at GPL Inc. fuel receiving ports: Kingston, Vreed-en-Hoop and Garden of Eden.
5. Liaise with Local Shipping Agent regarding the expected time of arrival for the International Fuel Vessel.
6. Disseminate Notice of Readiness to all receiving ports regarding the date and time of each vessels’ arrival at each port and the quantity of fuel expected to be discharged at the respective ports.
7. Board vessel to conduct fuel receiving activities on behalf of GPL Inc. after permission is granted and Shipping Agent, Immigration and Customs Officers must complete their clearances.
8. Conduct ullage to verify the quantity and temperature of fuel brought by the vessel.
9. Ensure that tank dips are conducted, identify the specific tank at the port to be refilled and that fuel line from the vessel is connected to the receiving line before informing the vessel’s First Mate to commence the discharge.
10. Ensure that GPL Inc. representatives are always in attendance at each port throughout the fuel discharge process.
11. Verify with Saybolt Representative the actual quantity of fuel received at each port at the conclusion of each discharge.
12. Ensure the receipt of fuel and verifying correctness of all documentation, before certifying invoices to be processed by the Finance Department for payment.
13. Co-ordinate the purchase of Light Fuel Oil (LFO) and Lubricants from local suppliers for the various Power Stations using the Daily Usage Report for LFO and Inventory Stock Requests from the Stations for lubricants:
• Raise Request for Purchase (RFP) for LFO;
• Seek quotations from local fuel companies to determine most comparative price: Rubis, SOL and Guyoil;
• Select from among the companies for the most competitive price;
• Prepare and issue Purchase Order (PO) to the selected company. Fuel for Anna Regina, Canfield and Skeldon is purchase.d from Guyoil and its branded trucks are used to transport the fuel. Private transportation providers are used to supply LFO to Garden of Eden, Onverwagt and all PPDI locations.
• River barge is used to transport HFO from Kingston to Anna Regina, whilst LFO to Bartica, Leguan and Wakenaam is transported by river barge from Guyoil, Rubis and SOL ports.
14. Ensure adequate supplies of lubricants for various Generating Stations at all times.
15. Prepare a Monthly Report for the Guyana Energy Agency regarding fuel purchases both local and foreign, as well as lubricants and a Monthly Fuel Report to the Finance Department.
16. Work closely with the Field Services, Facilities Management, Diesel Generation and Internal Audit Departments regarding fuel receiving activities at the various ports.
17. Ensure timely payments to all suppliers for fuel, transportation services and lubricants.
18. Prepare application for Duty Free Letters from Guyana Revenue Authority and also annual compliance of Fuel Licenses from the Guyana Energy Agency for fuel and lubricants purchases.
19. Orient, mentor appraise and coach direct reports in an effort to aid their development of the requisite job skills and where necessary take action to improve performance.
20. Perform other duties that may be assigned to you within the scope of your employment,
from an Authorized Officer.

Required Qualifications and Experience

1. BSc. Degree in Business/Public Management from the University of Guyana with three (3) years’ of relevant experience.


2. Diploma in Public Management or Accountancy from University of Guyana or its’ equivalent from an Accredited Institution with at least five (5) years’ of relevant experience.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted to reach the Manager- Human Resources Services, Guyana Power & Light Inc. 257/259 Middle Street, Georgetown not later than June 10, 2020.