Senior Engineer Protection and Maintenance

Closing Date January 5, 2024 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

The opportunity awaits qualified results oriented professionals who are interested in joining our team within the Specialized Equipment, Maintenance Substation Department – Sophia. Interested candidates with the requisite qualifications and experience are invited to apply for the vacant position of Senior Engineer Protection and Maintenance.

Under the general direction of the Specialized Equipment and Substation Maintenance Manager, the incumbent will be responsible for the effective management of the Direct Current/Electronics, Electrical Maintenance, Protection Programming, Protection Instrumentation and Calibration Sections.



  1. Manage the day-to-day operations of the various sections assigned in the Protections and Maintenance Section as indicated by detailed schedule or direct instruction.
  2. Ensure that all statutory safety codes, rules, regulations, and environmental management guidelines are strictly adhered to.
  3. Prepare Monthly reports as are required by the 5th day of following month to track and analyze the productivity of the Sections under your supervision.
  4. Orient, mentor and coach subordinate staff in an effort to aid their development of the requisite job skills.
  5. Advice staff on all aspects of testing of High and Medium Voltage Equipment, their uses and operation.
  6. Implement new technology as is available to improve the efficiency of operation of the Protection and Maintenance Section.
  7. Ensure that an adequate stock of spares of all components across the various substations and power stations, and other materials deemed necessary to ensure that the supply electricity in not unduly affected by the lack thereof.
  8. Ensure that all staff understand and work in accordance with the quality operational procedures and safety measures that apply to their area of work.
  9. Host monthly meetings as well as host additional regular meetings with subordinate staff individually or in groups as may be necessary in an effort to maintain a harmonious work environment, while improving production and productivity.
  10. Ensure that all planned Maintenance schedules and requirements are communicated to the relevant department and stakeholders in the established required times.
  11. Conduct constant gap analysis to identify shortcomings and deficiencies in the staff and devise plans to narrow these gaps.
  12. Administer and dispense discipline in keeping with the Disciplinary Policy / Procedure.
  13. Prepare annual budget and maintenance programmes, establish and update records of the system, ensuring that these reports and records are done in accordance with the department’s Quality Management procedures.
  14. Review safety manual to ensure that provisions are made for adequate safety practices and exercises in relation to the evolving needs for the Section to provide essential services to the Power sector.
  15. Ensure that All Quality Management procedures are regularly updated and circulated to staff as is required.
  16. Complete annual staff appraisals and submit same within required timelines.
  17. Complete performance plan, monitor and update same as is deemed adequate in fulfilling the requirements of the Section.
  18. Maintain and manage an effective asset management platform that provides effective monitoring and accountability for all components, tools and Equipment that fall under the blanket of responsibility of the section.
  19. Perform all additional duties that may be assigned and are within the scope of employment by an authorized officer.



•        Problem Solving and Analytical Skills.
•        Time management – ability to meet deadlines
•        High level of organizational Skills
•        Be conversant with the Occupational Safety and Health, Electricity Sector Reform, the Public Utility and Environmental Acts. Also GPL license which includes the Standard Terms and Conditions of Electric Services
•        Knowledge of integrated Electrical Systems, operations of Generation resources, transmission, sub-transmission and Distribution networks.
•        Ability to take charge and direct personnel under extremely high pressure in sensitive situations.
•        Problem Solving and Analytical Skills.
•        Time management – ability to meet deadlines
•        High level of organizational Skills

Required Qualifications and Experience

  1. Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Guyana or its equivalent from an accredited institution with at least five (5) years relevant experience.


Salary Grade: Commensurate with Junior Management ‘A’ Emoluments

How to Apply

Application along with your Curriculum Vitae, should be submitted to the Senior Human Resources Services Manager, Guyana Power & Light Inc. 257/259 Middle Street, Georgetown or by email at, not later than January 05, 2024.