Senior Engineer-Loss Reduction

Closing Date July 5, 2018 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

  1. Plan and co-ordinate the activities of the Section to ensure efficient and optimal use of all resources while executing the mandate of the Section.
  2. Continuously monitor and review the performance of the staff of the Section as it relates to achievement against set goals, objectives and targets.
  3. Identification and continuously monitor of risks that threaten the achievement of the department’s goals, objectives, and targets and taking appropriate actions to mitigate those risks.
  4.  Identification of opportunities that can enhance the achievement of the department’s goals, objectives and targets and taking actions to capitalizing on those opportunities.
  5. Continuously monitor the performance of the staff of the Section and take appropriate actions that embrace and enhance continuous improvement of all staff.
  6. Regularly report on the performance of the Section as it relates to tasks, staff, PMS and QMS.
  7. Continuously review meter field investigation activities and processes to ensure that they are conducted in an efficient, effective and customer friendly manner.
  8. Preparation of management and technical reports relating to meter revenue protection activities for presentation to internal and external parties.
  9. Train staff of the Section to enable them to develop requisite job skills to fulfill the mandate of the position they hold effectively and efficiently.
  10.  Prepare annual budget for activities scheduled for the Department.
  11. Liaise with Billing Department on customer issues relating to billing and updating of customers’ accounts.
  12. Liaise with Metering Engineer and Manager on meter and interface replacements.
  13. Ensure direct reports’ compliance with Company Rules and Regulations and initiate disciplinary actions in keeping with Company’s Rules of Conduct.
  14. Administer and dispense discipline in keeping with the Disciplinary Policy/Procedure.
  15. Enforce strict compliance with the requirements of the safety and health legislation, regulations and contractual obligations.
  16. Ensure that the environment and area under control is kept clean and tidy.
  17. Promptly investigate and make recommendations through written reports with respect to infractions of Safety and Health regulations.
  18. Conducts continuous assessment and monitoring of staff work performance and development, and taking steps to correct poor work performance.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted to:

Deputy Human Resources Manager

Guyana Power & Light Inc.,

257/259 Middle Street, Georgetown