Revenue Assurance Manager

Closing Date August 20, 2021 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

The Guyana Power and Light Inc. presents an exciting opportunity for suitably qualified candidates to apply for the position of Revenue Assurance Manager.

Under the direction of the Divisional Director, the incumbent will be responsible for, inter alia, the leadership and management of the Revenue Assurance Department to ensure effective data analysis, debt recovery, the achievement of targets in the collection of revenues due to the Company and the development and implementation of policies and strategies for continuous improvement.

The incumbent will be responsible for optimising the company’s Revenue collection and protection activities through data analysis that will guide revenue collection activities and work programs, investigations and debt management activities with full compliance with Performance and ISO 9001 Management Systems.

This incumbent is also responsible for providing leadership and accountability for all day to day operations within the department.


  • Annual Departmental plans
  • Annual Budget preparation for the department
  • Monthly Debt management reports
  • Monthly Revenue Recovery activities and results reports
  • Monthly Data management analysis and reports
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual work plans
  • Monthly workplan achievement report
  • Annual training needs analysis report



 Manage the Revenue Assurance Department through the effective provision of supervision and guidance to ensure that targets are achieved in relation to:

    • Data analysis management towards guiding the department’s activities
    • Debt recovery
    • Revenue recovery activities inclusive of collections from these activities
  1. Planning and coordinating of data management section activities towards in depth analysis of account data and field data
  2. Retrieve and Disseminate data to Field service for revenue recovery activities
  3. Monitoring and identification of risks with negative impact on department’s goals, objectives, and targets achievement, and initiate appropriate actions to continuously mitigate identified risks.
  4. Initiate new and improved systems for all Revenue Assurance activities specifically in relation to the collection of revenues due to the company.
  5. Standardise and Coordinate all retroactive billing activities in accordance with established procedures and approved recovery calculation steps
  6. Craft and deploy departmental strategies aimed to continuously improve the level of data management, analysis and work programme development.
  7. Ensure the coordination of Debt management activities towards the collection of arrears for active and inactive accounts
  8. Articulate and document new and amended Revenue Assurance Policies and Procedures for safety and efficiency and ensure the effective implementation and monitoring of same.
  9. Prepare the Department’s Annual Budget, ensuring that there are systems in place for the monitoring and reporting of variances. Control the use of the company’s assets and minimize expenses, including overtime.
  10. Coordinate systems for the liaising, sharing of information and execution of work that affects Customer Services, with the Transmission and Distribution, System Control and System Design with the focus on Customer Satisfaction.
  11. Provide Court litigation support (attend court as an expert witness on behalf of GPL) to the Legal Department on demand.
  12. Operate an effective reporting system on all aspects of the Department’s work and ensure timely preparation of weekly/monthly and any other ad hoc reports of activities.  Monthly reports are due within ten (10) working days following the end of the reporting month.
  13. Prepare and disseminate adequate work plans and targets and ensure the objective evaluation of subordinate job performance.
  14. Orient, mentor, coach and train subordinate staff in an effort to aid their development of the requisite skills.
  15. Coordinate with CIS Support to ensure regular reviews for improvements in the use of CIS for better efficiency in the department.
  16.  Review the department’s policies and procedures periodically with the intention of improving efficiencies and the quality of Revenue Assurance activities.
  17. Participate in periodic reviews of the company’s strategies and procedures that will ensure that all financial and commercial activities are undertaken in compliance with the provisions of the Electricity Sector Reform Act 1999 (amended 2010) and the Standard Terms and Conditions for Electric Services.
  18. Follow up on the Departmental Joint Occupational Safety and Health Committees’ meetings being convened on a monthly basis.
  19. Perform other duties that may be assigned to you within the scope of your employment, by the Divisional Director.


Required Qualifications and Experience


Bachelors of Science Degree in relevant Engineering or Business fields or its equivalent from an accredited institution with five (5) years’ technical and management experience.


Diploma in relevant Engineering field or its equivalent from an accredited institution, City and Guilds, HNC or Higher Technical Diploma with eight (8) years’ technical and management experience.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted to the Divisional Director – Human Resources, 257/259 Middle Street, Georgetown or email: not later than August 20, 2021.