Procurement Manager

Closing Date November 12, 2021 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

The Guyana Power and Light Inc. presents an exciting opportunity for suitably qualified candidates to apply for the position of Procurement Manager within the Strategic Operations Division.

Under the direction of the Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Strategic Operations, the incumbent will be responsible for, inter alia, compliance with procurement policies and procedures, preparation of an annual procurement plan; ensuring all contracts and transitions are properly executed, legally reviewed and meet all Company and regulatory requirements and provide proper financial analysis to guide decision making.


  • Monthly reports
  • Contract Agreements
  • POs
  • Invoices
  • Specifications
  • Processes/procedures
  • Performance assessments
  • Suppliers evaluations


  1. Ensure compliance with Tendering procedure for procurement of goods and services including transactions above GY $5m to be published on GPL Inc. Website and above GY$10m to be procured via open public tender procedure.
  2. Prepare and ensure annual procurement plan is developed by December of each year.
  3. Ensure that all procurement transactions are executed in accordance with Procurment policies and procedures.
  4. To ensure all Procurement transactions and Contracts are administered in keeping with their provisions.
  5. Examine all Contracts description and specifications to ensure requirements are detailed and appropriately expressed.
  6. Review and update all Contractual Agreements in consultation with Legal Officer in keeping with legal requirements or other developments/changes.
  7. Ensure local procurement is done in compliance with procedures in keeping with Company requirements and to provide proper financial analyses to guide decision making process. This includes Contracts involving labour.
  8. Ensure compliance with Company Regulations and internal control procedures by examining records, processes and documentation and reporting to your Supervisor discrepancies/deficiencies.
  9. Ensure compliance with Guyana Revenue Authority procedures and expeditiously “clear” imported goods.
  10. Maintain a system of tracking RFP and generate reports to initiating departments.
  11. Responsible for counter-signing authorizations for final payment on all Contract Documents and retain copy of same.
  12. Ensure all items delivered comply with specifications and are received in good condition.
  13. Ensure requisite insurance coverage of machinery and equipment and supplies where relevant.
  14. In consultation with the Inventory Accounting Officer, ensure that minimum stock levels are available at all times in the Stores.
  15. Prepare stock programme in consultation with user groups.
  16. Maintain comprehensive catalogue of equipment and materials and suppliers, and established coding system. However, instances where coding systems do not exist, one must be established and maintained.
  17. Maintain a system to track all Purchase Orders and provide monthly reports to user departments.
  18. Ensure that departmental ‘Joint Occupational Safety and Health Committee’ meetings are convened on a monthly basis.
  19. Ensure compliance with all Tender Board regulations and procedures.
  20. Ensure subordinates compliance with Company Rules and Regulations and initiate disciplinary action in keeping with Company’s Rules of Conduct.
  21. Prepare and submit monthly reports to the Deputy Chief Executive Officer-Support Services not later than the 5th day of the subsequent month.
  22. Secure department’s information by completing database back-up on a daily basis.
  23. Contribute to team efforts by performing any other related duties that may be assigned from time to time.
  24. Ensure GPL obligations in respect of projections of Guyana Revenue Authority documents are met in an efficient and effective manner.
  25. Orient, mentor and coach subordinate staff.
  26. Perform other duties that may be assigned to you within the scope of your employment, by an Authorised Officer.

Required Qualifications and Experience

Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Business Management, Accounting or Electrical


Mechanical Engineering, with at least ten (10) years in a similar Management role in a commercial environment or its equivalent. At least 5 years of the required 10 years experience should be in technical operations similar to GPL.

How to Apply

Application should be submitted to the Divisional Director – Human Resources, 257/259 Middle Street, Georgetown or email: not later than November 12, 2021