Procurement Assistant

Closing Date November 20, 2020 closed

Terms of Reference

General Justification and Objectives:

  1. The Cooperative Republic of Guyana (CRoG) has an important opportunity to convert its             abundance of natural resources into sustainable energy. During the past decade, the energy         sector has been strategic, and the country has invested in infrastructure and studies that have         contributed to its development. The CRoG presents an energy sector that is transitioning to cleaner and greener solutions, a more diversified electricity generation mix and an optimal utilization of indigenous natural resources.
  2. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group Country Strategy (2017-2021)         emphasizes the need for improving capacities for planning and governance to address the         underlying constraints to growth with critical and transformational infrastructure. Transitioning towards a cleaner energy mix requires critical infrastructure investments to respond to a growing demand and improved capacities to address the challenges of the new scenario where Guyana becomes a regional oil and gas producer.
  3. The CRoG has agreed with the IDB to a Program for the Energy Matrix Diversification and         Institutional Strengthening of the Department (GY-L1066) that has the objective to     support Guyana’s evolving energy sector by: investing in sustainable/cleaner energy             solutions to diversify the energy matrix in in the Hinterland while contributing to climate change mitigation; investing in the reinforcement of transmission infrastructure to improve      reliability and stability of the Demerara Berbice Interconnected System (DBIS) and;         developing and strengthening the Department of Energy (DE) to develop a regulatory framework and improve institutional capacity and governance of the Oil and Gas (O&G)Sector.
  4. To this end, the Guyana Power and Light Inc. is looking for suitable candidates to offer    technical support as the Procurement Assistant, specifically for the following Component of the       Loan:
  5. Component 2. Reinforcement of Transmission Infrastructure:
    1. This component will finance reinforcements of the DBIS with upgrade of the New Sophia substation; and rehabilitation of about 5 kilometers of associated transmission line. These investments will strengthen the reliability of the transmission system, reduce technical losses and facilitate the development of future generation (natural gas or RE).

Objective of the Position

  1. The objective of the Procurement Assistant is to provide procurement support to GPL in the         implementation of Component II of the Program related to the reinforcements of the             transmission infrastructure in the DBIS. In particular, the consultancy will provide support to  the Procurement Specialist which will serve to strengthen the Program Coordinating Unit in the   effective execution of the procurement aspects of the Program.

Scope of Work

The Procurement Assistant will be assigned to the Program Coordinating Unit and will be responsible for the following duties:

  1. Assist with the Review of all documentation relating to the project and be informed in particular on the Program Operation Manual, the Loan Contract, the Procurement Plan, Annual Operating Plan.  The Procurement Assistant shall undertake his work on the project in accordance with the Program Operation Manual (POM) and reporting to the Program Coordinator through the Procurement Specialist.
  2. Assist with coordinating and managing the procurement process for goods and services required for the implementation of the Program, including preparation and evaluation of bidding documents and associated contracts, in accordance with IDB procedures and regulations.
  3. Assist with the preparation and execution of annual procurement plans for the Program, in accordance with the POM and overall implementation plan.
  4. Assist with contracting of consultants, including negotiations, reviewing of draft contracts, conclusion of contract signing and monitoring its execution in terms of payment and services rendered.
  5. Assist the Procurement Specialist in ensuring that all procurement activities for works, goods and services are conducted in compliance with IDB Policies.
  6. Assist in keeping track of all contracts and maintain all documentation to account for all procurement related activities, purchases and distribution of goods, works and services related to the implementation of the program.
  7. Assist in keeping an updated registry of all procurement related activities, including a list of references to the documents on file.
  8. Liaise with PCU’s Finance Comptroller in regard to funds needed for procurements and contracting.
  9. Assist with inputs to the Semi-Annual and Annual Reports presented by the PCU.
  10. Undertake any other duties and responsibilities that may be reasonably requested by the Procurement Specialist or Program Coordinator or authorized officer.

The individual is expected to possess the following Core competences:

  1. Possess excellent capability in the execution of procurements for Goods and Works and Consulting and Non-Consulting Services.
  2. The ability to work collaboratively in a small, multi-disciplinary team is essential, as is the demonstrated ability to keep abreast of developments in procurement.
  3. A strong capability in using MS Office applications is required, particularly MS Excel.
  4. Working knowledge of the Procurement Act of 2003.
  5. Must be able to give keen attention to content accuracy and detail.
  6. Ability to communicate effectively and persuasively (in English both orally and written).

Characteristics of the Consultancy:

  1.  Individual Consultancy
  2. Qualifications and Experience: Applicant is required to have at least a Diploma in Management or Engineering or a relevant field from an accredited institution with a minimum of three years experience in Procurement. Experience in procurement under Multilateral Financial Institutions especially the Inter-American Development Bank would be an asset.
  3. Duration: Duties are to be performed over a period of 12 consecutive months (renewable), from January 4, 2021. Allowance is included for twenty working days [20] annual leave, and observation of national holidays of Guyana.
  4. Hours of Work: The regular hours of work shall be 08:00hrs to 17:00hrs Monday to Friday, with a daily luncheon interval of one(1) hour, whenever taken but usually 12:00 to 13:00hrs. When required, the individual is expected to work outside the normal hours of work, without additional compensation, in order to get the job done.
  5. Place of Work: Program Coordinating Unit, GPL, Georgetown.
  6. Eligibility: The individual must be from a recognized Bank Member country.
  7. Language: All communication and reports will be done in English.


The Procurement Assistant will complete the following:

  1. Monthly Progress Reports presented to the PC, briefly outlining the activities for the previous period, problems found and how they were dealt with, and a plan of activities for the next month;
  2. Final Report: a final report due seven days before the end of the contract, to follow a pre-approved format and must include, lessons learned, conclusions reached and recommendations for improvement.

Remuneration/Payment Schedule

The payment schedule will be done monthly against a brief progress report approved by the Program Coordinator, PCU. The payment amount will be agreed with GPL and the consultant commensurable with his/her qualifications and experience. No reimbursements will be provided.


The Procurement Assistant will report to the Procurement Specialist and shall work in close coordination with the staff of the PCU and GPL.

How to Apply

Interested persons must email their application and curriculum vitae to cc: The deadline for submission of Expressions of Interest is 15:00 hours on Friday, 20 November 2020.