Operations Technicians

Closing Date November 13, 2020 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

G.P.L Inc. invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill the position of Operations Technicians, which exist within the Diesel Generation Department – SOPHIA.

Under the general supervision of the Operations and Maintenance Foreman, the incumbent will be responsible for ensure the smooth operations of the operating system.

Main Duties

  1. Assist in stopping and starting of the Diesel Generator Set
  2. Take mechanical log readings
  3. Assist with maintenance and repairs to engine, auxiliaries and other related services, under strict supervision.
  4. Responsible for checking and topping up oil.
  5. Greasing and lubricating auxiliaries according to greasing and lubrication schedules.
  6. Operate and monitor all engine and auxiliaries system and document accurate recording of data obtained from various monitoring devices.
  7. Comply with the Company safety rules and environmental practices that govern the operations of equipment and surroundings.
  8. Check engine and auxiliaries’ parameters, periodically to identify the jacket water, lube oil, main bearing, cylinder exhaust and its associated pressures and temperatures.
  9. Assist in the racking into position all breakers according to standard operating procedures.
  10. Under supervision carry out operational duties of all other plant equipment.
  11. Evaluate data from log sheet and anticipate faults.
  12. Perform other duties that may be assigned to you within the scope of your employment, from an Authorized Officer.

Required Qualifications and Experience

Technician’s Certificate in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Part II, from G.T.I., or its equivalent, with at least two (2) years relevant experience.


Technician Certificate in Electrical Engineering Part II, from G.T.I. or its equivalent, with a minimum of three (3) years relevant experience.


Electrical Engineering Technician Craft Certificate from GTI or its equivalent, with at least four (4) years relevant experience.


  •  Excellent Communication Skills (verbal & Oral)
  • Ability to give attentive to details
  • Basic knowledge of practical engineering science technology.
  • Thorough knowledge of the operations of Power Generation, Distribution and associated auxiliary equipment
  • Knowledge of basic engine and auxiliaries’ parameters
  • Knowledge of Power Plant monitoring systems.


How to Apply

Applications should be submitted via our Vacancy Centre not later than November 13, 2020.