Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Officer

Closing Date October 31, 2019 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

G.P.L Inc. invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill the impending vacancy of Occupational Safety Health and Environment Officer –  within the Safely, Health and Environmental Unit, Middle Street Georgetown.

Under the general direction of Divisional Director- Human Resourcesthe incumbent will be responsible for all aspect of Safety, Health and Environmental issues within the company as  well as to co-ordinate all safety and health activities.

Key Responsibility Areas:  

  1. Advise Management of all statutory Occupational Safety, Health and Fire and Environmental Management Codes and Regulations  that are required  and maintain comprehensive records of activities.
  2. Develop, recommend and implement procedures on Safety, Health, Fire and Environmental Management and provide guidance to ensure compliance with rules and regulations.
  3. Ensure that all employees who handle and or are exposed to hazardous materials and or chemicals are apprised of their dangers and precautionary measures and actions to be taken in case of an accident/incident.
  4. Develop and implement Safety, Health and Environmental Programmes or activities to improve awareness of Occupational Safety and Health, Environment procedures in keeping with best practices.
  5. Prepare Technical Requirements and quantities for Personal Protective Equipment for the Tendering Process and distribute in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreements of the Unions.
  6. Procure materials to aid in environmental clean up related to incidents such as oil spills.
  7. Provide technical specifications for the procurement of fire alarms, fire fighting equipment and specialized personal protective equipment.
  8. Advise Management on environmental issues pertaining to the company’s operations that may affect the well being of the communities.
  9. Conduct quarterly Safety, Health and Environmental audits and prepare  reports with recommendations so that corrective action could be taken by responsible personnel.
  10. Conduct and or direct studies and/or statistical analyses to identify hazards and evaluate potential for loss and prepare and submit reports on findings in a timely manner in an effort to facilitate corrective action.
  11. Investigate and advise on significant incidents of Occupational Health Safety and Environment Management.
  12. Review safe work practices with relevant Head of Departments and recommend for implementation where necessary.
  13. Develop and recommend accident prevention strategies with a view of zero tolerance of Industrial and Environmental Accidents.
  14. Review construction plans for new and existing buildings to ensure compliance with Safety, Health and Fire Environmental Regulations and ensure compliance.
  15. Monitor compliance with safe work practices and ensure appropriate procedures are in place.
  16. Ensure that all Workplace Health and Safety Committees are established and functioning in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Laws.
  17. Attend and present reports at Central Safety, Health and Environmental Committee meetings on a quarterly basis.
  18. Prepare Departmental Budget and work plans in accordance with approved guidelines.
  19. Supervise, orient, mentor and coach subordinate staff in an effort to aid their development of the requisite job skills.
  20. Ensure G.P.L. complies with conditions attached to Environmental Permits.

Required Qualifications and Experience

A Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Management from a recognize institution with three (3) years experience in a similar occupation in an industrial environment.


Diploma or Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety from an accredited institution with five (5) years relevant experiences.

How to Apply