Network Manager- Zone III (Essequibo and West Demerara)

Closing Date September 28, 2020 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

PL Inc. invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill the vacant position of Network Manager- Zone III (Berbice).

Reporting to the Divisional Director-Power Generation & Delivery, the incumbent will be responsible for managing the maintenance, modification, system improvements, operation and extension of the transmission and distribution networks throughout Zone III for the purposes of making the delivery of the transmission and distribution network reliable, efficient and effective.


  1. Develop and maintain a delivery system to provide reliable electricity service to customers as seen by SAIFI and SAIDI measures trending favorably.
  2. Oversee scheduled maintenance of the transmission system and distribution feeders; ensure facilities remain in a good state of repair; ensure customer service interruptions are minimized to the extent practicable.
  3. Maintain voltage profiles on the distribution network within limits.
  4. Ensure transformers, feeders and spurs are optimally loaded to minimize technical losses.
  5. Ensure that the transmission towers are maintained and tested to guarantee structural soundness.
  6. Ensure that route clearing, bridge maintenance/construction, road/dam maintenance are done to maintain access to the transmission and distribution network.
  7. Work with other utilities and key stakeholders to address shared operational concerns.
  8. Ensure that damaged network assets are replaced or repaired promptly by the application of standard practices for workmanship.
  9. Oversees response to emergency outages, ensures that network assets are replaced or repaired expeditiously, and within standard practices for workmanship, to restore customer service with minimal delay.
  10. Prioritize workload, oversee development of work plans and schedules, and ensure efficient allocation of resources for maintenance of transmission lines, distribution feeders and secondary networks.
  11. Promote safe work practices and proper use of safety gear and equipment; maintain department compliance with all safety regulations and policies.
  12. Evaluate technical and cost options for the purchase of materials, equipment and services for the delivery of power; oversee procurement of supplies and equipment for the department.
  13. Develop department budgets that are aligned with the Corporate Strategic Plan and corporate goals and objectives. Ensure work plans support the budget.
  14. Establish highly effective relationships that advance business goals and objectives with executives, managers, employees, contractors, and customers. Manages barriers that hamper inter- and intra-department communications.
  15. Ensure that maintenance work, installation, failure and replacement dates of major components are properly recorded.
  16. Keep abreast of the state of the power distribution and transmission art and emerging technologies as they relate to designs, structures and configurations, methods, practices, tools, and safety.
  17. Ensure that operations and other activities within the department are in conformity with ISO standards and with the company’s documented procedures; facilitate process improvements as needed.
  18. Execute electrification projects that are authorized and handed to the department by Executive Management or the Design and System Planning Department.
  19. Oversee and certify electrification projects from the Design and System Planning Department, for private or government sponsored housing developments.
  20. Inform Executive Management on all major developments and, where appropriate, any emerging crises on the network.
  21. Keep track of significant operational risks within the department, to ensure that they are assessed and that suitable responses are put in place.
  22. Work with Area Engineers to detect sources of losses within the region and apply suitable counter measures or recommend such measures to Executive Management.
  23. Administer the performance management system within the department to evaluate performance and enhance the development of each employee. Conduct continuous assessment and monitoring of staff work performance and take steps to correct poor work performance.
  24. Investigate safety and health infractions and prepare written reports.
  25. Determine the specification for the require spares, equipment and supplies to maintain the system and to participate in the evaluation of the bids to determine the best suppliers.
  26. Performs any other duties as directed by the Power Generation and Delivery Divisional Director.

Required Qualifications and Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with specialization in electric power engineering with at least ten years of experience as a transmission and distribution engineer in a large power utility.


Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Engineering Management, Project Management, Business Administration or related discipline with at least eight years’ experience; four of which must be in a senior management capacity in a large power utility.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted to the Divisional Director- Human Resources, Guyana Power & Light Inc. 257/259 Middle Street, Georgetown or Email: not later than September 28, 2020.