Motor Vehicle Technicians

Closing Date January 24, 2023 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

The Guyana Power & Light Inc. invites applications from interested candidates with the requisite qualifications and experience to fill the vacant position of Motor Vehicle Technicians – within the Fleet Maintenance Department – Kingston, Georgetown.

Under the general direction of the Supervisor, the incumbent will be responsible for servicing, repairing, installing, dismantling, replacing, assembling and maintaining the Company’s fleet of vehicles to ensure availability and operational levels.


  1.    Assist in carrying out major repairs, overhauls or modifications to motor vehicles/equipment to the Company’s fleet of vehicles.
  2. Assist in the building of engines, gearbox and differential, etc. and to effect high-quality repairs within the scheduled time. Assist in the carrying out of service and routine checks (as per schedule) to motor vehicles/equipment and components, in order to support Preventative Maintenance Program and to reduce repairs and maintenance costs.
  3. Assist in the filling of the checklist form(s) after the completion of service and routine checks.
  4. Assist in the repairing of light, medium and heavy-duty mechanical engines in order to maintain equipment reliability and availability.
  5. Must be able to determine battery poles, charge batteries and install same in vehicles (series or parallel).
  6.  Wash parts/components in order to remove grease, lubrication oil and other foreign particulars and impurities.
  7. Adhere to the company’s safety rules and practices and must be knowledgeable of the department’s procedures.
  8. Perform other duties that may be assigned to you within the scope of your employment, from an Authorized Officer.



    • Ability to perform activities involving the use of basic hand tools to carry out repairs and maintenance to all equipment/machinery/vehicles
    • Ability to perform activities that are of a routine, concrete and organized nature.
    • Familiar with the application of all types of vehicle oils and lubricants.
    • Demonstrate the ability to disassemble, overhaul and re-install engine components.
    • Ability to perform troubleshooting and repair on engines and vehicles
    • Familiar with the requirements and needs for good preventative maintenance
    • Ability to handle protective devices to meet system requirements.


Required Qualifications and Experience

  1. Three (3) subjects CSEC (Grades 1-111) plus Craft Certificate in Auto Motor Mechanic from the Government Technical Institute with at least one (1) year relevant experience


  1. Three (3) subjects CSEC (Grades I –III) plus Craft Certificate Agriculture Mechanics from the Government Technical Institute with at least two (2) years relevant experience.


  1. Three (3) subjects CSEC plus Competency-Based Education Certificate Level 1 & 11 in Motor Vehicle Repair from the Government Technical Institute and GPL Motor Vehicle Technician Certificate with one (1) year relevant experience.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted via our Vacancy Centre not later than January 24, 2023.