Manager – Generation Operation & Maintenance and Contracts

Closing Date September 14, 2020 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

  1. Supervise the Unit’s Head and Confidential Secretary to ensure administrative, technical and safety procedures are followed continuously.
  2. Administer efficiently; the daily and planned activities, resources of the Department, within the framework of the Safety and Health Regulations of Guyana Power & Light Inc.
  3. Prepare and submit monthly departmental reports on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other achievements, inclusive of highlighting areas for improvements and the necessary resources, within the statuary time schedule.
  4. Prepare and/or Approve acquisitions of resources to continuously support the efficient and effective administrative and technical operations of the Department.
  5. Orient, mentor, and coach direct reports and other department staff to aid in their development of special knowledge and job skill sets, within the framework of the Department’s Action Plan.
  6. Perform gap assessment(s) of human resource capacity and identify suitable learning and development resource(s) and plan(s) to improve the individual and overall performance of the Department, within the framework of Department’s Action Plan.
  7. Prepare annual operational and capital budgets, and monitoring of all expenditures to ensure conformity with budget guidelines.
  8. Administer and dispense industrial discipline in keeping with the Company’s Disciplinary Policy/Procedure.
  9. Enforce strict compliance with the requirements of the Safety and Health Legislation, Regulations and Contractual/Work Agreement obligations.
  10. Ensure the working environment or area under control, inclusive of mobile assets belonging to the company, are hygienic and safe for staff accommodation and use.
  11. Investigate and submit written recommendations concerning infractions of Safety and Health Legislation, Regulations and Contractual/Work Agreement obligations.
  12. Manage scheduled maintenance of generating facilities and ensure these facilities remain operable state of repair as per Operation and Maintenance Agreement (OMA), where applicable;
  13. Ensure force outage rates of generating facilities are maintained as per OMA (where applicable), and low for facilities that are not under the purview of the OMA.
  14. Ensure that generators are repaired expeditiously, and in conformity with standard industry practices to restore generation capacity with minimal delay.
  15. Prioritize generator maintenance workload, oversee development of work plans and schedules, and ensure efficient allocation of GPL’s and contractors’ resources for maintenance of generating plants.
  16. Promote safe work practices and proper use of safety gear and equipment in generating plants; maintain departmental compliance with all safety regulations and policies.
  17. Evaluate technical and cost options for the purchase of fuel, materials, equipment and services for the production of power; oversees procurement of fuel, supplies and equipment for the department.
  18. Develop generation (MWh) and fuel budgets that are aligned with the Corporate Strategic Plan and corporate goals and objectives.
  19. Ensure that maintenance work, as well as the installation, failure and replacement dates of major components and plant overhauls are properly documented.
  20. Keeps abreast of emerging technologies and the state of the power generation art and as it relates to designs, configurations, methods, practices, tools, and safety.
  21. Ensure that activities within the department are in conformity with ISO standards and with the company’s documented procedures; facilitate process improvements as needed.
  22. Inform the executive on all major developments and, where appropriate, any emerging issues related to operations and maintenance of generating facilities.
  23. Detect significant operational risks within the department and ensure that they are assessed and that suitable responses are put in place.
  24. Administer the performance management system within the department to evaluate performance and enhance the development of employees. Conduct continuous assessment and monitoring of staff work performance and take steps to correct poor work performance.
  25. Investigate and make recommendations through written reports with respect to safety and health infractions.
  26. Engage potential independent power producers, including providers of renewable energy to determine what capacity can be committed and other operational details.
  27. Engage potential O& M contractors to assess their capabilities and their suitability to be awarded contracts.
  28. Determine performance criteria and measurements for independent power producers and O&M contractors.
  29. Participate in negotiation and renegotiation of IPP and O&M contracts.
  30. Assess the performance of IPPs and O&M contractors according to agreed criteria.
  31. Performs any other duties as directed by the Power Generation and Delivery Divisional Director.

Required Qualifications and Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in machines or renewables with at least eight years of experience in a senior capacity in a large industrial company.


Master’s degree in Engineering with specialization in Engineering Management, Project Management, Renewables or related discipline with at least four years’ experience. Experience must include the designing of utility scale projects such as diesel generators, renewables and hybrid system, the development and management of contracts.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted to the Divisional Director – Human Resources, 257/259 Middle Street, Georgetown or email: no later than September 14, 2020.