Legal Officer I – Legal Unit, 91 Duke Street, Kingston, Georgetown.

Closing Date July 14, 2023 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

The opportunity awaits qualified results oriented professionals to fill the position of Legal Officer I in the Company’s Legal Unit, 91 Duke Street, Kingston, Georgetown.

The incumbent will provide legal support to the Management of the Company by effectively managing the daily operations of the department along with ensuring regulatory compliance, management of and representation in litigation and the management of important Company documents.


  • Documents produced
  • Documents filed
  • Court attendance
  • Provide legal advice
  • Attend meetings
  • Reports produced



  1. Manage the daily activities of the department;
  2. Assign tasks to staff and follow up for satisfactory completion;
  3. Initiate legal proceedings and ensure the Company is defended in proceedings in all Courts;
  4. Pursue civil claims both in the High Court and Magistrate’s Court to recover sums expended by the Company in cases of damage to company infrastructure and facilities during accidents;
  5. Represent Company’s interests/employees in Magistrate’s Court matters relating to accidents involving Company’s vehicle/property;
  6. Provide legal opinions and advise other divisions and departments of the Company on statutory compliance and the legal resolution of issues;
  7. Liaise with and assist External Counsel(s) in preparation of matters for court;
  8. Pursue and execute the enforcement of Judgment Orders received by the Company;
  9. Drafts letters, contracts and agreements and review and advise on soundness of contracts and agreements and monitor legal obligations under same to ensure compliance;
  10. Draft, review and recommend amendments to Company’s statutory framework: Electricity Sector Reform Act (ESRA) Cap 56:01, Standard Terms and Conditions for Electricity Service (STC), 1999 as amended, The Company’s Licence, 1999 as amended, and the Company’s Policies and Procedures;
  11. File Notice of Opposition in matters where transport is being passed or property is being encumbered and there are arrears due and payable to the Company;
  12. Attend statutory meetings and offer advice as required;
  13. Provide monthly reports on tasks assigned together with targets achieved to Management and/or Board of Directors and maintain databases of important information;
  14. File and manage Company’s important documents;
  15. Develop performance objectives, targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the department;
  16. Develop performance plans for all staff;
  17. Monitor and conduct assessment of the performance of staff against set targets; and
  18. Perform any other related duties that may be assigned by a duly authorized officer.

Required Competencies:

CoreSkill Level & ImportanceDescription/Behaviours
1. Adaptability & Ability to Manage Change3HØ  Helps others adapt to a changing work environment and to embrace change.

Ø  Promotes the benefits of a proposed change.

Ø  Takes time to question; understand and speak to the underlying needs of stakeholders beyond those initially expressed.

Ø  Makes/recommends changes to work processes or systems to improve business results.

Ø  Develops plans and prioritizes resources to effectively implement change.

Ø  Remains focused on the desired outcome to help self and others implement change

2. Ability to Acquire and Apply Knowledge3HØ  Recognizes how prior knowledge and skills apply to complex or new circumstances.

Ø  Develops innovative ways of applying technical/ professional knowledge to handle new challenges.

Ø  Demonstrates commitment to continuous learning and growth to develop knowledge and expertise.

3. Communication3HØ  Elicits ideas, comments or feedback on what has been said;

Ø  Tailors the content of speech and written communication to suit the level, cultural background and experience of the audience.

Ø  Establishes communication plans and strategies.

Ø  Anticipates and prepares for others reactions, adapting tactics to create a specific impact.

Ø  Communicates complex issues clearly and credibly with widely varied audiences.

4. Decision Making/Analysis & Problem Solving1MØ Makes decisions in accordance with professional standards, established guidelines, procedures and/or legislation.

Ø Consults with others or refers an issue to others for resolution when criteria are not clear.

Ø Considers the financial implications of decisions and factors these in appropriately.

Ø Models ethical behavior.

5. Results Oriented & Project Management2HØ  Is persistent in achieving improved results.

Ø  Measures progress against targets.

Ø  Seeks to understand reasons for obstacles and to find innovative ways to overcome.

Ø  Acknowledges the work and contribution of others.

Ø  Modifies behaviour to fit the situation.

6. Safety Focus2MØ  Displays knowledge of all related occupational safety and health regulations.

Ø  Proactively thinks about his/her safety and the safety of others.

Ø  Keeps personal and group safety on employees’ minds at all times.

Ø  Adheres to high personal standards of safety.

Ø  Reports and / or corrects unsafe work conditions.

Ø  Acts to correct unsafe work habits.

Ø  Documents and monitors occupational safety and health.

7. Teamwork Oriented3HØ Proactively solicits ideas and opinions and shares information and learning with others;

Ø Addresses conflicts or issues within the team in a positive and open manner;

Ø Provides clear feedback to team members;

Ø Uses understanding of different interests and agendas to achieve positive outcomes;

Ø Engages others in collaborative problem solving, encouraging them to share their ideas and opinions;

Ø Is open, sincere, and empathetic in dealing with all individuals and in all circumstances.

8.  Leadership:1 Leading & Managing People3HØ Works to provide a supportive environment by securing necessary resources and removing blocks to effective working;

Ø Recognizes employee development needs and opportunities, provides on-going feedback and coaching.

Ø Sets a strong example through own behaviour.

Ø Encourages an environment that fosters mutual support.

Ø Gives specific feedback and expresses expectations for future performance.

Ø Encourages and acts upon feedback to self.

Ø Provides guidance, counsel, direction, and assistance to employees.

Ø Provides challenging assignments and specific opportunities to broaden employees’ skills and experiences.

9.  Leadership: 2. Visioning & Strategic Thinking1


HØ  Understands the way things are done within the corporation and works to agreed standards.

Ø  Familiarizes self with the Corporate Strategic Plan.

Ø  Strives to make a positive impact on others.

Ø  Prioritizes work in alignment with business goals and adjusts priorities as required.

Ø  Draws out the positive aspects of a situation.

Ø  Expresses hope for the future and builds enjoyment into daily activities.


Technical/ Functional Competencies:


Technical/FunctionalSkill Level

B, W, A,E

Ø  Be conversant with relevant laws and regulations of Guyana especially Electricity Sector Reform Act(ESRA)  Cap 56:01 and GPL’s Policies, Rules and ProceduresAIII
Ø  Good spoken and written EnglishAIII
Ø  Outstanding problem solving and analytical skills


Ø  Excellent conflict resolution skills


Ø  Flexible and possess the ability to perform effectively under pressureAIII
Ø  Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneouslyAIII


Ø  Responsible and able to meet deadlinesAIII






  1. An Attorney-at-Law admitted to practice in Guyana with at least five (5) years experience in civil practice within a corporate environment.



H:High Requirement. Required performance could not be achieved without demonstration of this competency.
M:Medium Requirement. Required performance would be difficult to attain without demonstration of this competency.
L:Low Requirement. Required performance is not dependent on demonstration of this competency.
I,II,III,IV:The skill level required for effective performance. Skill levels are defined in the Competency Model
*If a formal leader, all leadership competencies will apply. A formal leader is primarily responsible for the leadership and/or supervision of others. Duties are generally different than the duties of the others in the group.
B:Basic – Brief, general familiarity. Understanding of where knowledge can be applied, but limited on-the-job application.
W:Working – Detailed familiarity and understanding. Proficient in applying the knowledge and skills for regular job
A:Advanced – Comprehensive understanding (in-depth familiarity with fine points). Able to handle complex or non-routine
E:Expert – Comprehensive and conceptual understanding. Expert, “go to” resource, can handle highly complex problems or

Required Qualifications and Experience


An Attorney-At-Law admitted to practice in Guyana with at least five (5) years’ experience in Civil practice in a Corporate Environment.


Attractive compensation package commensurate with qualifications and experience.

How to Apply

Applications and a full Curriculum Vitae and the contact information for two (2) referees should be sent to the Divisional Director – Human Resources, via email,  no later than Friday, July 14, 2023.