Expression of Interest- Transmission Engineering Specialist

Closing Date April 12, 2019 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

The Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana (CRoG) has applied for financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) towards a program for the Energy Matrix Diversification and Institutional Strengthening of the Department of Energy. The CRoG intends to apply part of the proceeds from Component II of the Program towards consulting services to strengthen the Executing Agency, Guyana Power and Light Inc.

The objective of the Transmission Engineering Specialist is to provide technical support to GPL in the implementation of the Component II of the Program related to the reinforcements of the transmission infrastructure in the DBIS. In particular, the consultancy will: (i) manage the overall engineering of the L5 transmission reinforcements and the reactive compensation investment; and (ii) coordinate with GPL’s related technical divisions for the realization of the works and supervise its implementation.

The intended outcome of the consultancy for the Transmission Engineering Specialist is the effective and efficient reinforcement of the transmission infrastructure in the DBIS under Component II of the Program.

The Consultant should have at least a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering with a minimum of seven years experience in designing and supervising electrical power system works.

In order to be considered for short-listing, interested consultants having the relevant resources, qualifications and experience; and who are from the Bank’s Member Countries are herewith invited to submit their curriculum vitae showing the: (i) legal name of the Consultant; (ii) address; (iii) telephone number; (iv) e-mail address; (v) information about the Consultant and principal areas of expertise and activities; (vi) description of specific experience in power transmission engineering.

Interested consultants must provide information establishing that they are qualified to perform the services (description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills, etc.).

The consultancy is to be executed over 24 months (renewable) resident in Guyana.

How to Apply

Expressions of Interest must be submitted in sealed envelopes stating on the top right hand corner: “Expression of Interest for Transmission Engineering Specialist for Guyana Power and Light Inc.” Alternatively, submissions can be made by email to the address shown below. Expressions of Interest are to be received no later than 15:00 hours on 12 April 2019


For submission:

Divisional Director- Human Resources

Guyana Power & Light Incorporated

247-249 Middle Street,

Georgetown CC:


For Clarifications:

Program Coordinator

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