Deputy Chief Executive Officer- Strategic Operations

Closing Date September 17, 2020 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) invites suitably qualified and experienced persons to fill the position of Deputy Chief Executive Officer- Strategic Operations.

GPL is a vertically integrated electric utility company which principal activities are to generate, transmit, distribute and sell electricity within its authorized geographical area. The Company is the principal public supplier in Guyana, and is currently solely owned by the Government of Guyana. The primary objectives of GPL include providing to its customers a safe and reliable supply of electricity at a sustainable price and expanding its service to new customers located within its grid area. GPL currently has a generation capacity of approximately 140 megawatts and supplies electricity services to approximately 204, 000 (residential, commercial and industrial) customers.


  1. Perform the functions of Chief Executive Officer in the absence of the incumbent whenever directed to do so;
  2. Contribute to the development and implementation of GPL’s Corporate Strategic Plan (CSP) and the achievement of the Company’s Vision and Mission;
  3. Ensure development and implementation of GPL’s Development and Expansion Plan/ Integrated Resource and Resilience Plan (IRRP), Divisional Business Plans and Department Action Plans for the Customer Services Division, Power Generation & Delivery Division and the Engineering Services Division;
  4. Ensure effective implementation of the GPL’s Performance Management System in the Operations Divisions.
  5. Ensure effective implementation of GPL’s Quality Management System in the Operations Divisions.
  6. Ensure that the activities of the Operations Divisions are consistent with the CSP and other relevant plans, specific approved initiatives, the GPL Licence and prudent utility and operating practices;
  7. Manage the work programmes, finances and budget process of the Operations Divisions and make appropriate and timely adjustments in conjunction with relevant Divisional Heads and the CEO;
  8. Ensure compliance with relevant regulatory requirements;
  9. Ensure that performance targets and any other established standards and benchmarks pertinent to the Operations Divisions are achieved consistently;
  10. In consultation with relevant stakeholders, develop and implement a detailed five-year strategic Loss Reduction Plan (including a metering programme) that ensures the achievement of the objectives of the Development & Expansion Programme and service performance targets;
  11. Monitor the activities and implementation of all projects being implemented in the Operations Divisions;
  12. Ensure that strategies and action plans for the reduction of technical and non-technical losses are comprehensive and relevant to the achievement of the Loss Reduction Plan;
  13. Ensure that all operational and engineering matters of the Engineering Services and Power Generation & Delivery Divisions are adequately managed;
  14. Provide leadership and/or support in all project negotiations;
  15. Monitor implementation of all Projects to ensure work quality, completion within agreed schedule and budget, satisfaction of performance requirements;
  16. Ensure overall Project Planning, Scheduling, Controlling and Reporting;
  17. Ensure systems for accountability are established and continuously reviewed, improved and respected;
  18. Ensure that all statutory safety codes, rules and regulations and environmental management guidelines are strictly adhered to;
  19. In conjunction with the Public Relations Unit conceptualize public relations strategies on all major projects;
  20. Ensure development and implementation of annual maintenance programmes that reflect manufacturer’s recommendations, local experience, international best practice and any other relevant consideration;
  21. Ensure operation and maintenance plans are adequate and conform with manufacturer specifications and industry best practices and standards;
  22. Monitor operations at various generating plants and the implementation of strategies to reduce cost and improve reliability;
  23. Ensure the implementation of a system for evaluating effectiveness of maintenance activities, correlate with industry standards and implement changes where necessary;
  24. Ensure effective negotiation and management of all O&M Agreements and IPP contracts to ensure best value for GPL;
  25. Ensure the maintenance of detailed records of all maintenance activities and provide reports, with recommendations where further action may be warranted;
  26. Ensure all locations within the Power Generation & Delivery Division operate consistent within the Company’s Occupational Safety Health and Environmental Standards;
  27. Evaluate skills needs and recommend training recruitment or reorganization where necessary;
  28. Ensure the operating procedures, guidelines and operational practices of the Divisions are in keeping with the Company policies and adequate to achieve overall objectives and targets;
  29. Monitor and supervise the Procurement process of the Divisions in accordance with approved procedures;
  30. Ensure the establishment and implementation of a procurement plan for each Division;
  31. Supervise the preparation of Bidding Documents and monitor of the tender process;
  32. Act as liaison between the organization and its shareholders and external parties when necessary;
  33. Notify and report to the CEO any issues, incidents or trends that are impact or could impact the organization’s performance; and
  34. Such other duties as may be relevant.


  1. Establish and/or work on organisational project teams to improve performance of GPL’s processes.
  2. Represent GPL Inc. at public events, conferences or meetings during and after working hours as needed
  3. Any other duties as deemed necessary to assist in achieving the objectives of the company.

Required Qualifications and Experience

  1. A professional degree in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, economics, accounting or related field from a recognized University.
  2. A Master’s degree or higher professional degree in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, finance or business administration.
  3. At least ten (10) years’ experience at the management level.
  4. Previous experience in an electric utility would be advantageous.
  5. Additionally, experience initiating, implementing, managing and administering projects both internal and external to Guyana would be advantageous. Knowledge and experience targeting and generating investment opportunities would also be an asset.
  6. GPL’s Deputy Chief Executive is expected to be an articulate communicator, able to translate and effectively communicate highly technical information to various stakeholders. The successful candidate must be able to work and effectively connect with persons within and external to the company, be proactive, professional and possess a high level of integrity.

How to Apply

Applications, Curriculum Vitae, the names and contact information of at least two (2) referees should be submitted to:

The Chairman

Board of Directors

Guyana Power & Light Inc.

91 Duke Street, Kingston


Or Email:  

Submissions should be made by 15:00 hours on Thursday, September 17, 2020.