Demand Forecasting Economist

Closing Date March 4, 2022 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

The Guyana Power & Light Inc. invites applications from interested candidates with the requisite qualifications and experience to fill the vacant position of Demand Forecasting Economist – within the Engineering, Designs & Standards Department – 257/259 Middle Street, Georgetown. 

The incumbent will be responsible for developing robust and up-to-date forecasts of electricity sales and the power systems maximum demand, as well as contributing to the process of identifying the expected detailed requirements on the various parts of the Company’s Network.


The objective is to strengthen the Company’s capabilities by implementing a system to support management in developing models to gather cogent data for medium and long term forecasting, and to monitor achievement of targets and program adjustments made on time.


  1. Provide economics-related and econometric inputs to a small demand forecasting team that is responsible for forecasting electricity sales and maximum demand for medium and long-term planning purposes;
  2. Manage an annual process of electricity demand forecasting for the medium and long-term period, including the provision of forecasts of electricity sales, maximum system demand, maximum demands on individual substations, system losses, generation requirements and expected purchases from IPPs;
  3. Identify, develop and maintain a set of suitable forecasting models – and use these models to produce the required forecasts;
  4. Update forecasts as necessary;
  5. Monitor actual historical sales and other out-turn performance against forecasts, identify variances and explain likely reasons for the latter;
  6. Collect information from within GPL, for example, actual sales by different classes of customers for use within the forecasting models; interfacing with other GPL departments to facilitate this.

Identify any adjustments that are required to such data to ensure that it is consistent over time and usable within the models;

  1. Interface with Government Agencies, Private Sector, and International Funding, Energy and Economic Agencies such, to identify and gain access to information that can be used to construct and operate the forecasting models mentioned in item no. 3 of this section; and
  2. Provide demand-forecasting inputs to GPL’s Development and Expansion Program and other planning activities, inclusive of financial planning.


  1. Possess excellent capability in economics, statistics, econometric analysis and forecasting techniques together with experience in the application of such analysis in projecting future behaviours.
  2. Knowledge of utility-scale electricity networks would be advantageous, as would knowledge of electrical energy and demand behaviour of different customer categories, such as industrial, commercial and residential customers.
  3. Knowledge of approaches to demand-side management would also be helpful.
  4. The ability to work collaboratively in a small, multi-disciplinary team is essential, as is the demonstrated ability to keep abreast of developments in power economics.
  5. A strong capability in using MS Office applications is required, particularly MS Excel.  Knowledge of software packages related to demand forecasting would be an added advantage.
  6. Must be able to give attention to detail.
  7. Ability to communicate effectively and persuasively (both orally and written)

REWARD: Commensurate with qualification & experience.


  • Use of Microsoft Suite
  • Outstanding problem solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent conflict resolution skills
  • Flexible and possess the ability to perform effectively under pressure
  • Be conversant with relevant law and regulations of Guyana and GPL policies and rules
  • Be conversant with Safety Act and GPL Safety Handbook
  • Conversant with ISO Quality Management System
  • Conversant with GPL Performance Management System (PMS)
  • Be conversant with the FACTORIES ACT CHAPTER 95:02, OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ACT CHAPTER N0 32 OF 1997, ELECTRICITY SECTOR REFORM ACT CHAPTER 57:01 OF 1999, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ACT NO 11 0F 1996 of the laws of Guyana, and the Guyana Power & Light License which include the STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR ELECTRIC SERVICES of October, 2010.

Required Qualifications and Experience

Master of Science Degree in Economics from an accredited academic institution and a minimum of one (1) year work experience in econometric analysis and forecasting.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from an accredited academic institution and a minimum of three (3) years of appropriate work experience with demonstrable exposure and success in the field of econometric analysis and forecasting.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted via our Vacancy Centre not later than March 4, 2022.