Customer Services Officer – Key Accounts & Marketing

Closing Date August 6, 2020 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

G.P.L Inc. invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill the impending vacancy of Customer Services Officer – Key Accounts & Marketing within the Customer Services Division. 

Under the general direction of the Divisional Director–Customer Services, the incumbent will be responsible for the efficient and effective management of the Key accounts and Marketing Unit which oversees the management of Payment agencies, Government and large customers monitoring and interactions, the targeting of new business opportunities within the Customer Services Division. 



  • Monthly payment agencies reconciliations 
  • Replenishing payment agencies prepaid credit  
  • Monthly MD sales vs. Collections reports 
  • Monthly Government billing and payments reports 
  • Monthly New Business and Marketing initiatives reports 
  • Monthly Meetings minutes 



  1.  Supervise all staff in the unit to ensure efficient management of all sections in the unit. 
  2. Assist with and liaise with payment agents partners on updating payments, reconciliations, prepaid credit replenishment and any discrepancies in payments or rollbacks.  
  3. Interact with Departmental Managers on Customer services Policies and Procedures. 
  4. Assist with the development and implementation of work plans and establishment of targets and orient, appraise, mentor and coach subordinates in an effort to support the continued development of requisite job skills. 
  5. Assist in the implementation and management of an efficient and effective performance reporting system on all aspects of the Unit’s activities and ensure the timely reporting of such activities to Divisional Director and Departmental Managers. 
  6. Ensure that reconciliations, payments and government monitoring are done in accordance with set targets. 
  7. Ensure accounts are updated and requests are responded to in a timely manner. 
  8. Maximize revenue collections from Government and Large Non-Government customer accounts as per set targets. Specifically develop, effectively implement and periodically review the company’s MD and Government collection policies and procedures.  
  9. Contribute to the preparation of the Customer Services Division’s annual budget and business plan and ensure effective execution of the Division’s budgetary monitoring procedures. 
  10. Prepare and execute work plans with targets, for all sections work and ensure timely submission of weekly/ monthly reports of the Unit’s activities. 
  11. Participate in periodic reviews of strategies and procedures to ensure that all Revenue and collection activities are undertaken in compliance with the Electricity Sector Reform Act and the Standards Terms and Conditions for Electric Services. 
  12. Participate in the development and implementation of business strategies to target new and upcoming business opportunities with the aim of expanding the customer base increasing revenue and collection. 
  13. Verify the accuracy and completeness of transactions and authorization of transactions. 
  14. Verify the accuracy and maintenance of data input into the Customer Information Systems and document errors for correction. 
  15. Administer and dispense discipline in keeping with the Disciplinary Policy/Procedure. 
  16. Enforce strict compliance with the requirements of the safety and health legislation, Regulations. 
  17. Promptly investigate and make recommendations through written reports with respect to infractions of Safety and Health regulations. 
  18. Conducts continuous assessment and monitoring of staff work performance and development, and taking steps to correct poor work performance. 
  19. Undertake other unit related activities as may be assigned by the Divisional Director – Customer Services 

Required Qualifications and Experience

Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management or Communications or Accountancy from the University of Guyana or aaccredited institution with a minimum three (3) years relevant experience. 


Diploma in Business Management / Marketing / Accountancy from the University of Guyana or aaccredited institution with a minimum of seven (7) years relevant experience.  

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted via our Vacancy Centre not later than August 6, 2020.