Business Systems Analyst – Information Technology Division

Closing Date December 24, 2021 closed

Job Description/Key Resonsibilities

The Guyana Power and Light  invites applications from interested candidates with the requisite qualifications and experience to fill the vacancy of Business Systems Analyst – within the Information Technology Division– Sophia, Georgetown

Under the general direction of the E-Business & GIS Manager, the incumbent will plan, develop, manage and improve the flow and synthesis of company data resulting in better decision-support, a more developed BIS, and overall, to deliver swift, transparent and relevant business information to the IT Division’s customers, i.e. GPL staff, Senior Managers, Executives, the Board and other defined users


Information Systems in use by the Guyana Power & Light Inc. (GPL) manage data related to assets, operations and 200,000+ customers spread across 250km of the coast of Guyana in Regions 2-6, providing information on customers, billing and collections, financial accounting, network planning and other needs of an electric utility. Systems are accessed by users via the WAN and include ones for Customer Information (CIS), financial information (EBS), Pre-Paid billing (JUICE), field data (FDCI), geospatial information (GIS) and Business Intelligence (BIS) – the last to integrate outputs of all others in a “single window” for decision-support. Database systems supported include Oracle, MS SQLServer, MySQL and PostgreSQL, on-premises or cloud-based.

IT Division greatly values innovation and communication. Collaboration tools include Teams, Slack and Trello, and thoughtful improvement in company operations using proprietary as well as open-source solutions is encouraged. The Division pursues ITIL best practices for IT Service Management, and efficient and financially responsible use of IT resources, and CIS Controls for cybersecurity.


  1. Develop data-driven plans, and communicate those plans, for the BIS to support the company’s work towards outcomes identified in Divisional and Company Strategic Plans.
  2. Administer or assist administration of the BIS
  3. Review and proactively report on outcomes of internal/ contracted work on the BIS or connected/ related systems
  4. Ensure that documentation pertinent to the company’s BIS, training material and any related services is prepared and kept up-to-date, and related timely working guidance is routinely provided to appropriate Divisional staff.
  5. Analyze company processes, desired outcomes and data to create metrics and illuminate relevant patterns or correlations, and present these status indicators or relationships via dashboards in the BIS.
  6. Collaborate with user departments to identify, update, develop and improve or re-engineer the business processes impacted by the technological changes.
  7. Continually assess the use of the BIS to expand coverage and use across all business units and locations, and optimise the user experience.
  8. Work towards the BIS and related Information Systems providing a current, all-of-business, analytical view of GPL.
  9. Ensure that systems of securing the databases and apps are implemented and used, including approaches based on separation of roles and zero-trust/least privilege.
  10. Monitor and report on the usage of systems.
  11. Implement a high level of customer service to GPL and other defined users.
  12. Implement or assist with the implementation of ITIL best practices for IT Service Management, and CIS Controls for cyber security.
  13. Research, develop and recommend innovative, cost-effective, and where possible automated approaches for acquiring data and delivering information or services.
  14. Undertake and support change management initiatives to effect a view of staff/ other departments as customers, with departmental work viewed as customer service
  15. Perform other duties that may be assigned to you within the scope of tour employment, from an Authorized Officer.


  • Knowledge of database administration, troubleshooting and problem analysis, and resolution skills
  • Knowledge of server and network administration
  • Understanding of IT Security
  • Written and Verbal Communication


Required Qualifications and Experience

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from the University of Guyana or an accredited institution or a related discipline with a minimum of two (2) years development experience in Data Science, Business Intelligence Systems, Business Process Analysis or Data Warehousing.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted via our Vacancy Centre not later than December 24, 2021.