Apply for new service for your new home

  • If you have a new home
  • If you are renovating or rewiring your home
  • If you are moving into a rented house/apartment

What you need to apply

  • Your National Identification (ID) card or Passport
  • Proof of Ownership for the Land/ Building (Title or Transport)
  • Certificate of Inspection from the Government Electrical Inspector, Ministry of Public Infrastructure

    (View the status of your Electrical Certificate of inspection.)

  • For New Housing Schemes/ Developments :
    An agreement of Sale with the Government of Guyana or an allocation letter with receipts showing full payment

What is the application process

  • Go into nearest GPL location for application processing with all required documents
  • Copies of your documents will be taken, you will be required to sign the application form and pay the security deposit
  • A site investigation will be done for new services or change of tenancy
  • GPL will contact you when they are coming to do the installation