Press Release

The Illegal Placement of Signage on GPL Utility Poles

30th September 2019

The Illegal Placement of Signage(s) on GPL’s Pole(s)

Monday, September 30, 2019: The Guyana Power and Light Incorporated (GPL) wishes to unequivocally caution the general public that it is Illegal and Dangerous to place signage(s) on the company’s Utility Pole(s).

Further, the general public is asked to desist from affixing signage(s) to the company’s pole(s). This illegal and dangerous practice is a safety and health hazard for both the company’s technicians (Field Staff) and private citizens. According to section 5.4 of GPL’s Standard Terms and Conditions (STC) for Electric Services, “Customers shall not place any structure that would interfere with the proper and safe operation of or access to the Company’s facilities…”

Additionally, Private Contractors and/or Government Agencies executing infrastructural works within close proximity (approximately 20 feet) to GPL’s Network are required to notify the company within 72 hours prior to commencing work, so that the actions deemed necessary to facilitate the safe execution or work can be determined and undertaken.

GPL will not be liable for any injury and/or loss that may result from the improper use of its poles or injury and/or loss that may result from unauthorized work within close proximity of its network.