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Retrofitted Trucks are being Procured

22nd June 2020


Retrofitted Trucks are being Procured

2020 June 22, Georgetown, Guyana: In response to an article published in the Kaieteur Newspaper, dated 2020 June 19 and titled, ‘GPL buys 8 bucket trucks for $587M, the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) offers the following response, which addresses the key issues relating to:

  1. The equipment being procured and cost
  2. The process used to select the supplier
  3. The current status of the order

The Equipment being procured

The equipment being procured are modern mobile elevated working platforms comprising IVECO trucks retrofitted with VERSALIFT aerial lifts and ancillary equipment. The trucks will be manufactured in Italy and Spain and the aerial lifts in the USA. These vehicles represent state of the art technology and will have multiple functionalities that will, among other benefits, significantly improve GPL’s ability to expand and maintain the transmission and distribution systems.

The initiative forms part of GPL’s overall plans to modernize the tools and equipment being used by our staff. GPL currently has only three bucket trucks, which were bought second-hand a decade ago. They have been unreliable and do not meet all of the required specifications. The new equipment being procured will replace these and allow us to improve the safety and general working conditions of employees, improve the reliability of supply, be more responsive to emergencies and ultimately provide a better quality service, while more expeditiously expanding the network to accommodate additional customers.

The lifts being supplied with the trucks are based on specifications developed by GPL’s technical staff, following extensive consultations and research, and are intended to provide optimal performance under Guyanese conditions.

Versalift has been one of the leading companies in the aerial lift industry in reliability and innovation since 1967 and their equipment will provide the following benefits:

  • Improved safety of all operators with the buckets insulated to provide protection up to 46,000 volts
  • Dual controls with operation possible from in the bucket and on the deck
  • Off center hitch design which will allow 360-degree rotation of the lifts when extended, thereby providing maximum flexibility
  • Auxiliary ports on the deck and in the bucket to facilitate use of power tools
  • Special equipment to facilitate lifting of transformers and heavy materials up to the elevated bucket, thereby eliminating the need for multiple trucks
  • Outriggers (A & H frame designs) to ensure the stability of the trucks, bunkers and additional sub frame for assured stability.


The cost of the trucks constitute approximately 35% of the overall cost of the equipment to be supplied, the balance is made up of the cost of the lifting equipment, ancillary equipment, retrofitting costs (installing the lifting equipment onto the trucks) and the freight and insurance costs to deliver the lifting equipment and trucks from USA and  Europe respectively, then retrofitting, certifying and commissioning in Guyana   Also included are the costs for operator training of GPL staff in Guyana on the new equipment and preventative maintenance for one year.

The Procurement Process

An open tender process was used. The bid documents were first published on GPL’s website on April 30th 2019, and during the months of May and June 2019, a total of 12 paid advertisements for the supply were made in the national newspapers including Kaieteur News (5), Stabroek News (5) and the Guyana Chronicle (2). Additionally, GPL also advertised the tender on the United Nations Business Development Website.

Following completion of the evaluation process, GPL’s Tender Board approved the award to Massy Motors during the month of December 2019. The Purchase Order (PO) was then issued on January 31, 2020. The MASSY GROUP is one of the most reputable regional conglomerates and has an excellent track record of satisfactorily fulfilling commitments with GPL.

The current status of the Order

The supplier had advised GPL that, as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, both the manufacturer of the trucks in Europe and the manufacturer of the lifting equipment in the USA had encountered issues which affected their respective operations resulting in temporary delays in their supply chain processes. GPL has now been advised that the manufacturers have recommenced operations and completed units are being prepared for shipment. GPL has not yet made any payment to MASSY MOTORS.

GPL remains committed to working with all stakeholders to ensure transparency and accountability and would be pleased to provide you with any additional information that would provide greater clarity with regards to this order.

For more information:

Public Relations Unit: 225-1471