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Meter Reading and Bill Delivery through the Post resumes

12th May 2020


Meter Reading and Bill Delivery Through the Post resumes

2020 May 12, Georgetown, Guyana: Effective Tuesday, May 12, 2020, the Guyana Power and Light Inc. will recommence meter reading activities across all served areas in accordance with our Meter Reading schedule for the month of May 2020. A complete list of the reading schedules is accessible on our website:  

Meter Readings submitted via our WhatsApp service via 608-8575 during May 1 to 11th will be used to generate bills for the stated period.

Additionally, if our Meter Readers are unable to access the meter for actual readings throughout the Month of May, our Meter Reading WhatsApp Service via 608-8575 remains accessible to all postpaid customers for use.

Also, customers may now submit meter readings via messaging on our Facebook page ONLY during the reading period identified on their most recent bill.

During the execution of work by our Meter Readers, we wish to assure customers that all necessary precautionary measures will be taken by our Readers to guard against the risks of the Coronavirus.

 Bill Delivery Through the postal system

The delivery of mails through the Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) will resume towards the latter end of the month. Customers can continue to use the following services to check their account balances:

  • Online Inquiry: Retrieve your Customer and Account numbers and visit
  • SMS Freedom: Text your GPL Reference Number to 592 624 0400 or 592 608 8400
  • Website LIVE CHAT: Retrieve your Customer and Account numbers and visit
  • Customer Call Centre: Retrieve your Customer and Account numbers and call 226-2600

Additionally, customers are encouraged to register for Electronic Billing online using: Our Electronic billing service is convenient, eco-friendly and guarantees your bill being sent via email within three days of preparation.


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