Press Release

From darkness to light: – Waiakabra shining bright with electricity for the first time

15th January 2020

What was once an unlit and dark community for decades is now a bright and fully powered community, for residents of Waiakabra on the Linden-Soesdyke Highway.

For the first time, residents of Waiakabra now have access to a stable supply of electricity, obsoleting the need for flambeau and kerosene lamps, generators and candles. This follows an intervention by the Guyana Power and Light Incorporated (GPL) to connect Waiakabra to the national grid on 2019 December, 22.

The connection came subsequent to an engagement with members of the Community Development Council (CDC) and councillors, where GPL delivered its promise and provided the community with electricity, in just a few months.

Chairman, CDC, Mr. Burston Peters

During a community meeting with the residents on Sunday, Chairman, CDC, Mr. Burston Peters, related that efforts to power the community years prior were unsuccessful. It was only when he relocated to the community four years ago discussions resumed and were fruitful.

“There were obstacles during the process, we never thought it was possible to have electricity in this community, but it is here today and we’re thankful to GPL for it. The children in the community used their phone lights or generators to do homework, but now they don’t have to. This is real progress in our community,” Mr. Peters said.

With electricity in place, the residents are now carrying out their daily routines with more ease. Some residents have already ventured into small businesses, while others are assessing entrepreneurial avenues to buttress their livelihood.


Ms. Inez Daniels

Inez Daniels, the oldest resident in the community, is exuberant for the electricity in the community. She recalled the days without electricity which she said were “burdensome.”

Ms. Daniels said “I lived here over 40 years and we did not have electricity and water. Now we have both and I am happy that we no longer have to use flambeau lamps or noisy generators which were very costly for us.  Plus, for the first time we were able to use fairy lights for Christmas. We are very thankful for the light.”

Ms. Alisha Jocintha

Another resident, Ms. Alisha Jocintha shed tears of joy while expressing her gratitude for the electricity in the community. Ms. Jocintha is particularly happy that her children can now study with ease, rather than with the noisy generators.

She said “for 15 years I have been spending lots of money in gas for the generator and I am now relieved that we finally have electricity. No more generators, thanks to GPL.”


Ms. Mandisa Williams and Mr. Richard Oselmo

Other residents including Secretary, CDC, Ms. Mandisa Williams is particularly happy that she can now have ice water regularly and watch her television. Mr. Richard Oselmo is happy that he can now walk late at nights without fear.

PRO, GPL, Shevion Sears

PRO, GPL, Ms. Sears noted that GPL is happy to serve the community. She explained that it was a good opportunity for GPL to provide the necessary infrastructure to supply the community with electricity in time for the holiday season.