Press Release

Field Service Activities & Customer Safety

24th September 2020


Field Service Activities & the Safety of our Customers 

 Thursday, September 24, 2020: In reference to an article published in the Guyana Times newspaper titled “Alleged GPL fraudsters nabbed in sting operation” dated September 21, 2020 and social media posts being circulated regarding an alleged illegal act committed against a GPL Inc. customer by an employee of our Company sometime between September 17-19, GPL Inc. hereby informs the general public, that the matter is currently being investigated by the Guyana Police Force with assistance from our Company.

Our company does not condone errant conduct by our employees which brings our Company into disrepute. We wish to assure the general public, that this matter is being addressed with much urgency.  

In recognition of the circumstances surrounding the aforementioned issue, it is also opportune that our Company reminds customers of the following:   

Monetary Transactions are PROHIBITED in the Fields  

All monetary transactions for our Company must be done only at our Commercial Offices for which a receipt will be issued. Under no circumstance(s) should a GPL Inc. employee request payment for services rendered at your homes or businesses OR to avoid any penalty from our Company. If any GPL Inc. employee requests/demands a payment from a customer for a service while conducting field workcustomers are advised to reject such requests and report the matter with any supporting information to our Call Centre at 226-2600.  

GPL Staff Identification  

GPL employees are required to wear identification badges when executing field work. Additionally, our staff will be outfitted in official company uniforms or shirts/jerseys bearing the Company’s logo.  

Customers reserve the right to refuse entry to their premises if a staff is not attired as described above.  

Access Boundaries  

GPL’s primary access to customers’ premises legally ends at the point of the Metering Instrument (Meter and Meter Box) and at no time should we demand access into your homes or businesses.  

If for any reason, a situation presents itself where entering a customer’s home/business becomes necessary, all necessary formalities would be established and discussed prior to the arrival of our crew(s).  

Activity and Employee Verification  

If a customer wishes to verify the presence of a field agent within their community, they can contact the Call Centre on 226-2600, Public Relations Unit on 225-1471 or Facebook via 

Our Company implores customers to be vigilant and report any activity that deviates from the aforementioned protocols to our Call Centre 226-2600 or Facebook Page: 


For more information:   

Public Relations Unit: 225-1471