How much will the upgrade cost?

There is NO cost attached to the Upgrade.

Why are the meters being installed at the front of the property on the metal pole?

Meters are installed on the metal pole at the front of the property to:

  • Ensure easy access to meter readers.
  • Help to eliminate estimated billing.
  • Eliminate the need for persons (meter readers) having to enter your premises.
  • Ensure adherence to the Electricity Sector Reform Act Chapter 56:01 on the placement of meters on premises.
Why was my community selected for the upgrade?

The community was objectively selected utilizing the Selection Methodology for Loss Reduction Areas (SMLRA) tool. The SMLRA tool was developed for GPL to select areas for rehabilitation based on the cost effectiveness of the works to be done in the selected areas.

Will PUUP change the existing voltage of customers’ houses?

NO. The upgrade does not change the voltage of the existing lines, e.g. if a customer is energized with a 110/220V line, PUUP will upgrade the line as 110/220V.

Will this upgrade increase my light bill?

The upgrade and installation of the new meter do not increase your electricity bill. The bills are generated based on the customer’s consumption.

What type of meter will PUUP be installing?

PUUP will install the Automatic Meter Infrastructure (AMI) meter, commonly known as the Smart Meter, which is tested, approved and validated by the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS). These meters guarantee greater accuracy and allow for convenient meter reading and reliable billing due to its advanced technology.

What can customers do to reduce their monthly bills?

Customers can reduce their monthly bills by utilizing energy conservation techniques.