Sale of Scrap Metal

IFB NumberGPL-PD-046 -2019

Submission Status Closed
Invitation for Bids

Cooperative Republic of Guyana


GPL-PD-046 -2019

Guyana Power and Light Inc. is inviting sealed bids for the purchase of various scrap metal on an “as is, where is” basis as follows:

  • Category 1 – Assortment of mixed metals at Kingston (bid to be submitted for the entire lot)
  • Category 2 – Defective meters containing various metals at Sophia (bid to be submitted for the entire lot)
  • Category 3 – Alternators at Sophia (bid to be submitted per metric ton)
  • Category 4 – Empty metal containers at Sophia (bid to be submitted for the entire lot)
  • Category 5 – Transformers comprising various metals at Sophia (bids to be submitted per metric ton)

The location for viewing of scrap metal along with contact person and period for viewing are as follows:

LocationContact PersonsContact # Period for Viewing
Category 1Kevon Wilson 2262600 ext 1334 OR 6250343Oct 14th – Nov 1st, 2019
Category 2Kevon Wilson and Wayne Watson2262600 ext 1334 OR 600-1587Oct 14th – Nov 1st, 2019
Categories 3&4 Kevon Wilson and Melroy Stephens2262600 ext 1334 OR 6602096Oct 14th – Nov 1st, 2019
Categories 5Kevon Wilson and Ren Burnett2262600 ext 1334 OR 2265082 Oct 14th – Nov 1st, 2019


For further information, please contact the aforementioned persons on Monday – Friday between 8:30 hours – 11:30 hours and 13:30 hours – 15:00 hours.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The scrap metal is sold on an “As is, where is” basis.
  • Bidders MUST provide sufficient evidence of “registration with” and “certification by” The Ministry of Business.
  • Each category of scrap metal MUST be placed on individual bid forms.
  • Prospective Bidders are only allowed to submit one (1) bid per category.
  • Prospective Bidders MUST CLEARLY indicate the category on the bid form.
  • Payment of 100% must be made in cash or via manager’s cheque to Guyana Power & Light Inc by the successful bidder within seven (7) working days of satisfactory measurement of scrap metal. Failure to pay within the stipulated period will result in the next successful bidder being considered.
  • After payment, scrap metal must be removed within (7) days.
  • Removal and transport of the scrap metal from the location would be the responsibility of the bidder.

Bid forms will be available at The Procurement Department, 40 Main Street, Georgetown as well as on the company’s website

Bids must be placed in sealed envelopes bearing no identification of the bidder’s name on the outside and must be clearly marked on the top, left hand corner “Bid for Purchase of Scrap Metal”. Submissions must be addressed to and deposited in the Tender Box at the address below. Applications are to be received no later than 14:00 hours (Guyana Time) on November 5th, 2019.

 Secretary to the Tender Board

Guyana Power & Light Incorporated

91 Duke Street, Kingston

 Georgetown, Guyana.

GPL reserves the right to reject any or all Bids and to remove or re-offer the scrap metal for sale.

Bid Documents

BID FORM -Scrap Metal Sale by Tender