Rental of Skid Steer Loader

IFB NumberGPL-PD-074-2020

Submission Status Closed
GPL is inviting bids for the Rental of one (1) Skid Steer Loader 5 Tons, 15 feet with Fork and Pole Grabber (for Discharging & Ramping of Poles, Discharging Containers, Lifting of Heavy Materials and Shifting of Transformers).

Services will be required at the following locations:
 Demerara (Sophia and Garden of Eden Stores), three (3) days per week.

(1) For any clarifications and Site Visit, please make contact with Mr Melroy Stephenson on Mobile # 660 -2096 and 227-7049 or 226-9943.

(2) For tender to be considered, the following are required:
Satisfactory evidence of the capability and adequacy of resources to execute the service efficiently and effectively. This entails submission of the following:
 List of Equipment Owned (where applicable);
 Records of Past Experience or similar works;
 Financial capacity (where applicable);
 List of Qualification and experience of key personnel (where applicable).

(3) Quote Hourly Rate.

It is important to note the following:
1. Bids along with valid certificates of compliance from Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) and National Insurance Scheme (NIS) and VAT registration MUST ONLY be submitted electronically to:

GPL’s electronic Tender Box: on or before 14:00hrs on Wednesday, December 30, 2020.

2. Bids submitted to the electronic tender box beyond the deadline will be excluded from the evaluation process.

Bid Documents

Tender for the Rental of Skid Steer Loaded- GPL-PD-074-2020