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Consulting Firm to Validate the Execution of Works Contract for Rehabilitation of the Medium and Low Voltage Distribution Network – Lot B.

The Government of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana has received financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Caribbean Investment Facility (CIF) of the European Union (EU) towards a Power Utility Upgrade Program and it intends to apply part of the proceeds towards consulting services.

The objective is to hire a Consulting Firm experienced in the monitoring and validation of distribution network rehabilitation works, particularly in an environment of high overall losses compounded by a substantial amount of electricity theft. The firm would be responsible for the validation of the goods and works supplied as part of the turnkey network rehabilitation project. The firm, acting as GPL’s representative, amongst other things, will ensure that all equipment and materials that are used by the contractor were manufactured and tested to the required international standards and that construction/installation and commissioning complies with specified standards, taking into consideration local conditions.

The intended outcome is for GPL to have a fully rehabilitated medium and low voltage network, resulting in a reduction of its overall level of losses for the targeted areas. In order to realize this outcome, the Consultant will support GPL and the Contractor to ensure that materials are of an acceptable quality and the works executed by the contractor are of the highest standard.

In order to be considered for short-listing, interested consulting firms having the relevant resources, qualifications and experience are herewith invited to submit their Expressions of Interest (EOI) with no more than fifteen (15) pages, including: (i) legal name of the Consulting Firm; (ii) legal representative properly authorized to sign the declaration for and on behalf of the Firm; (iii) address and telephone number; (iv) e-mail address of contact person and website; (v) information about the Consulting Firm organization and its principal areas of expertise and activities; (vi) description of specific experiences in construction of 13.8Kv and 120/240V networks, AMI meter installation, coordinating loss reduction programs particularly in developing countries and related training in public electric utilities, especially in Latin America and Caribbean countries, within the last 10 years, and (vii) description of the specific experiences relevant to the activities listed above. The information requested in (v), (vi), and (vii), should include, as a minimum: a description of the activities, the degree or percent of participation in the project, the execution period and dates, the level of responsibility held by the company in each project (technical, supervision or administrative responsibility), and the country and region where the project was located. The curriculum vitae of potential personnel to be involved in the assignment are not required at this stage.

The Consulting Firm will establish its office in Georgetown, Guyana. Site visits are expected to take place in the targeted communities for the project duration.

Interested consulting firms will be determined to be short-listed by demonstrating in their Expressions of Interest that they have the relevant resources, qualifications and experience whether by themselves or in conjunction with other eligible firms. After reviewing the EOI’s, GPL will short list six (6) Consulting Firms or association of firms, that will be invited, tentatively, during August 2020 to present Technical and Financial Proposals, using a Quality and Cost Based Selection (QCBS) method.
Consulting firms may associate with other consulting firms with the aim of enhancing their qualifications. Experience in the Caribbean will be a plus. Working language of the consultancy will be English, and reports will therefore be presented in that language.

Consultants will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the Policies for the Selection and Contracting of Consultants financed by the Inter-American Development Bank GN-2350-[9}. Firms and individuals recognized from the Bank Member countries will be eligible as well as firms and individuals recognized as eligible by the European Union under its applicable regulations on procurement.

Expressions of Interest must be submitted in sealed envelopes stating on the top right hand corner: “Expressions of Interest for Consulting Firm to Validate the Execution of Works Contract for Rehabilitation of the Medium and Low Voltage Distribution Network- Lot B.” Submissions must be emailed to the address below to be received no later than 14:00 hours on 24 July 2020.

For submission and clarification:
Program Coordinator
Power utility Upgrade Program
Guyana Power & Light Incorporated
103 Carmichael Street
Georgetown, Guyana
Tel: 592 227-1686-8