Expression of Interest- Supply of a Maximum of 30 MW Firm Power Generation Capacity to the Grid

Status Closed

Interested Suppliers

Traditional Submissions

1.      MACORP

2.      DTD Investment Guy Ltd.

3.      CEPA Consolidated Electric Power Asia Ltd

4.      Power For Rent Guy Ltd

5.      ODAS Enerji

6.      Distributed Power Solutions

7.      MCG Investment Inc. Giftland Mall

8.      Altaaga Global Energy Services

9.      Parker Lloyd Group

10.  Green Power Solutions Inc.


12.  LUCKE Consulting Tech Services LLC

13.  SO Energy International

Electronic Submissions

14.  Wigton Windfarm Ltd –

15.  The Green World Co

16.  Hyundai

17.  Agreko

18.  Power Solutions

19.  Kar Powership

20.  Suriname Electric Gas

21.  Guyson Oil and Gas

22.  AKMC Ventures

23.  CWSG Inc

24.  Air Clean Energy

25.  Tropical Power Ltd

26.  New Fortress Energy

27.  Xuma Energy LLC

28.  Anlgo Guy Capitol Inc.

29.  Ebrasil SA

30.  Geohiora

31.  Inter Energy

32.  CH4 Services [Interest 1]


34.  Energy 33

35.  Fix It Depot

36.  APR Energy

37.  Bret-It

38.  CH4 Services [Interest 2]

39.  CH4 Services [Interest 3]

40.  CH4 Services [Interest 4]

41.  Windsor


 Entities who submitted an Expression of Interest will be notified of the evaluation results after the evaluation process has been completed and successful candidates will be advised of the next step in the process.

Supply of a Maximum of 30 MW Firm Power Generation Capacity to the Grid

The purpose of this Expression of Interest (EOI) is to identify appropriate suppliers who can potentially fulfill the minimum requirements for supplying firm power generation to the Demerara Berbice Interconnected System (the “Grid”) (see section 4). The present call for EOIs does not constitute an invitation to tender and only suppliers deemed qualified by GPL shall progress to the next stage of the process. For clarity, Technical and Financial proposals should not be submitted at this stage.

General Information
Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL), the state-owned electric utility, invites technically and financially sound businesses to submit an EOI for the supply of a minimum of one (1) MW and a maximum of thirty (30) MW of Firm Power Generation Capacity with appropriate substation where necessary, to interconnect with the Grid at either 13.8 kV or 69 kV. Generating unit size shall not exceed 10 MW.

Project Scope
Scope of work for the Project shall be based on the following:

  • For Existing Power Generation Facilities – GPL shall only be responsible for grid connection at the Point of Interconnection with the existing network infrastructure. Suppliers shall be responsible for all activities necessary to finance, insure, test, commission, operate and maintain the power generation and associated facilities.
  • For New Power Generation Facilities – GPL shall only be responsible for indicating the most appropriate location. Suppliers shall be responsible for all activities necessary to finance, insure, construct, operate and maintain the power generation and associated facilities, including all activities relating to fuel supply, cooling water, substations and other related facilities required for complete operation of the power generation and interconnection facilities and the supply of electricity to the Grid.

Prospective Developer’s Minimum Requirements:

  • To pre-qualify, interested bidders must:
    Demonstrate the ability to deliver a complete project within two (2) months of an agreement;
  • Prove legal status via certified copies of company registration certificates/documents, copies of audited financial reports for the last three years (balance sheets, income and expenditure statements, auditors’ reports, etc. and
  • Demonstrate access to competent personnel with operation and maintenance experience at a minimum of one facility of similar size.

Interested parties may request clarifications on the Expression of Interest up to two (2) business days before the closing date stated below. Any request for clarification must be sent in writing by paper or electronic mail to:

Procurement Manager
Guyana Power & Light Inc.
40 Main Street, Georgetown
Tel: + 592 226 9598

Expression of Interest Submission Schedule
The Expression of Interest must be submitted in English Language by 14:00hrs (2:00pm) Guyana Time on or before September 04, 2020 by means of the following options:

Option No.1: Postal mail bearing the following title: “Confidential: Expression of Interest for supply of a maximum of 30 MW Firm Power Generation Capacity, Georgetown, Guyana.”


Option No. 2: Electronically to email address   with the subject “Confidential: Expression of Interest for the supply of a maximum of 30MW Firm Generation Capacity, Georgetown, Guyana.”

All submissions should be addressed to the:

The Secretary to the Tender Board
Guyana Power & Light
91 Duke Street, Kingston
GPL – PD – 046 – 2020

Expression of Interest Opening Schedule
Opening of submissions is scheduled for 14:30hrs (2.30 pm), Guyana Time, on September 04, 2020 in GPL’s Board Room, 91 Duke Street, Kingston in the presence of firms or their representative(s) who choose to attend in person.

Preliminary Examination of EoI’s
Upon receipt of submissions, GPL at its sole discretion may communicate with any or all applicants for clarifications relating to the submissions.

Note: Any representative who chooses to attend the opening of this EoI will be subjected to entry protocols in keeping with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Only one (1) representative is allowed per entity and the representative will be subject to a body temperature test, hand sanitizing and mandatory use of a face mask at all times. Failed body temperature test and/or resistance to comply with the aforementioned will prohibit your participation in the bid opening.