Expression of Interest: Sludge Removal by River Barge

IFB NumberGPL-PD - 044 -2020 

Submission Status Closed
Guyana Power and Light, Inc

Expression of Interest No. GPL-PD – 044 -2020 

Sludge Removal

The Guyana Power & Light Inc. is committed to providing our Customers with a quality Electricity Supply and a level of Service that meet and exceed the expectations of our Customers. In an effort to continuously improve our service, expressions of interest are sought from reputable Service Providers for Sludge Removal by River Barge”.


Removal of sludge stored at Anna Regina-Essequibo, Canefield-Berbice, Kingston- Georgetown and Vreed-en-Hoop -West Demerara Power Stations.

For clarifications and/or Site visits, please Contact GPL Inc. Generation Department on telephone Nos.: 623-1991 or 227-1139.

For expression of interests to be considered, the following are required:

  • Valid GRA and NIS Compliance Certificates (VAT Certificate if applicable);
  • If the Expression is from a firm/company, a copy of the Business Registration or Articles of Incorporation;
  • Submission of two (2) references from Companies, whom you supplied similar services within the past three (3) years.

NOTE: This is not a Tender; therefore, please do not submit any rates/quotes

Expressions of Interest must be submitted in sealed envelopes stating on the top right hand corner: “Expression of Interest for “Sludge Removal#GPL-PD-044-2020.  Submissions must be done in duplicate, addressed to and deposited in the Tender Box at the address below.  Expressions of Interest are to be received no later than 14:00 (Guyana Time) hours on Tuesday, September 1, 2020.

 Secretary to the Tender Board

Guyana Power & Light Incorporated

91 Duke Street,

Kingston, Georgetown, Guyana